Hello and welcome!

I am a Tarot, Angel, and Oracle card reader based out of Bangalore, India. If you are interested in booking a reading with me, there are a few options to choose from.

 Phone Readings

Ideal if you want to get a reading from the comforts of your space and if you are located anywhere in India. Hit me up with a message and once the payment is done, I will share my phone number with you and we can start slinging some cards to reveal your guidance.

Price: Rs. 2000 for a 45 minute session.

Skype, Whatsapp video, or Facetime

Similar to the previous reading, here we get to chat and do a reading while seeing each other. I’ll even show you the cards I am drawing for you if you are interested.


For Indian residents and clients only
Rs. 2000 for a 40 minute session

For all international clients
USD 44.44 for a 30 minute session.

 E-mail Readings

This is the most popular and sought-after method of getting a reading. All you need to do is send me your question(s) and I will e-mail the reading to you within 48 business hours (Monday to Saturday) after the payment is confirmed. Why is this option popular? Simply because you receive a written copy of your reading at the comfort of your living space and you can always go back and refer to the reading.


For Indian residents and clients only
Rs. 600-800 for a single topic

For all international clients
USD 19.99 to 25 depending on the question(s)


I also do in person reading from home but for a select few clients, therefore, I cannot guarantee that this option will be available to everyone living in Bangalore. Send me an e-mail and we can discuss.


I also do readings at events and private parties. For more information, send me an e-mail at


6 thoughts on “Services

  1. would be very interested if you’re for real.


  2. Amazing Readings!!! Must try for everyone, it would give you directions…


  3. Would like to know what sort of readings you offer?


  4. I would say I have 5 questions for you. How much would that cost ?


    1. Hi Gigi, I would love to share all the information with you. Please send me an email at to discuss this further.


  5. Hi
    Not too long ago I asked you a couple of questions and you emailed me your answers – I cannot find these responses – will you please send me a copy if you have one?
    Pls advise
    elle eaton smith


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