Angel Tarot message for 21st May, 2015



Love is in the air. There is a strong emphasis on Love and it’s various extensions, today. The answer to every conflict in your life is Love. The figure in the 8 of cups card is walking away, leaving 8 shiny cups behind. Maybe in search of something better, something meaningful. Some of you may feel the need to walk away from a situation that no longer brings you joy. It is good to explore and take this time out. Don’t worry about what you will find on your way. It is the journey that matters. Instead of viewing a situation through bitterness and resentment, forgive and let go. See past the mistakes and open your heart to absorb the beautiful pink light of love.

If your heart center is closed, you may be finding it difficult to experience inner peace. Have you bottled up your feelings? Notice any signs of anger, disappointment, guilt and sadness you have harbored. It is time to let go of these emotions, because they are not serving any purpose in your life. Once you release these toxic emotions, not only will you feel lighter, but you will also make way for better things to make way into your life. Make peace and let go! Everything has its purpose to serve in your life. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right.

Tip: If you feel heavy-hearted, take a moment to center yourself by taking several long deep breaths. While you inhale, imagine breathing in divine pink light and releasing dark, grey energy out. Do this a few times and visualize all that heavy, toxic energy leaving your body in this process, filling your heart with love, peace and comfort. Don’t forget! Your angels are just a ‘ask’ away.


Angel Tarot message for 20th May, 2015

Archangel Gabrielle

Theme of the day – Hermit
What to focus on – 4 of wands
What to avoid – 4 of swords


You may feel the need to disconnect and retreat today. You may prefer solitary moments to the company of others. While it is great to spend some alone time, today your energies and presence is needed elsewhere. Are you avoiding a celebration, event or a meeting with friends or loved ones? Go have fun! Your body and soul need this outside connection. This is a great time to discuss your plans and get a second opinion from others about an important matter. You alone may not have all the answers and could possibly miss out on the finer details.

Some of you are also being directed towards spending time outdoors. The energies we are experiencing during Mercury retrograde are intense and even though your body needs a nap or break from time to time, confining yourself within the four walls of your home or office won’t do you much good today. You need fresh, country air, especially if you are feeling sick, low or feeling drained, too often. With a repetitive 4, you can either let your limitations hold you back or break them to expand your views.

Angel message – Archangel Gabrielle


Archangel Gabrielle is here to remind you of the importance of communication today. Going with the theme above, talking things out is essential to clear away doubts, gain a deeper perspective and introduce yourself to new concepts and ideas. If your work involves communication and you are facing difficulties in expressing yourself, call upon Archangel Gabrielle to assist with this area. Gabrielle will help you release any insecurities and fears that are stopping you from voicing your opinions. For some of you, communication and arts may play an important role in determining a life purpose.

Talk away! Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 19th May, 2015


Theme of the day – 2 of swords
What to focus on – Judgement
What to avoid – Devil


Today’s theme speaks about making important choices. But look at the woman in the 2 of swords card. She looks confused, unable to see what is in front of her and is unwilling to do anything about it. Are you feeling lost and confused about making the right choice today? Sooner or later, you will have to face this decision making. Just because you choose not to act now, doesn’t mean that answers will appear on their own. Don’t let fear take over. Judgement card is asking you to review the choices in hand. Something old has to be given up in order to welcome something new. The answer lies in accepting this new path. To get going from the place you are at to the place where you want to be. Give yourself a second chance.

The influence of the Devil is what might be keeping you from tapping into your potential. The couple in the Devil card are chained, although they can remove these chains and make a choice to escape their present situation, which seemingly looks dark and gloomy. What fears are holding you back from adopting change? In what ways are you feeling incompetent and helpless? If you look close enough, you are very much in control of your life and the choices that you have to make. Perhaps, the time has to come for you to realize this and break the chains.

Angel message – Arielle


The message from the Angels is asking you to pay attention to your psychic abilities. Lately, you have been getting clues and signs about what you should do. You may have dismissed them, thinking they are simply a fragment of your imagination. But, wait! They are not! You are opening yourself up to divine guidance. Some of you are receiving repetitive thoughts and messages to make a change. Through prayer, meditation and reflection, you will sharpen your abilities to hear your inner guidance and messages from your angels and guides. Pay attention to this beautiful inner voice today, that is both calming and reassuring. Your higher self is always available to show you the right path.

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 18th May, 2015


Theme of the day – Five of wands
What you focus on – 4 of wands
What you should avoid – Page of Wands


People, people and more people. Get ready for a busy day ahead. With all members of the wands suit appearing today, the energies indicate that today is going to be anything but dull. Mercury retrograde has started and here’s our theme of the day which shows us conflicts, arguments and difference of opinions. You may be having a hard time getting your point of view across to others. There is competition in the air and you will be trying your best to sustain this battle of proving your skills and yourself. If you are going for an interview, keep in mind that there are many other contenders eyeing for the job. What will set you apart is your personal strength and abilities. Assert yourself gently and do your best.

Four of wands and Page of wands are showing the importance of working within a group setting. Be a team person today and consider others point of view. Going solo may not work in your favor. Establish a common ground and work out your differences. If you are planning to leave the comfort of a secure environment and venture out on your own, then today’s message is asking you to take a moment and review all the pros and cons of this decision. You may need some additional information, or, it simply may not be the right time to proceed.

Angel Message – Athena 


Guardian Angel Athena brings us a beautiful message that weaves this completes message, so well. Athena reminds us of our power. Yes, indeed you are powerful and have your own pluses and minuses. You may have a better way of dealing with situations. However, instead of exercising your power in a forceful manner, adopt a gentler and calmer way of sharing your ideas. Once again, this is not the day to be aggressive but to remember the old adage – United we stand, divided we fall. Avoid anger and heated debates, Make peace your mantra.

Angel Blessings

Angel Message for 17th May, 2015

Release and Surrender & Omega


With Mercury retrograde just around the corner, you maybe experiencing some intense energies interfering with your day to day tasks. With the double effect of Gemini this month, communication is the area that can present the most challenge. It is common to see arguments arising due to miscommunication and you may even feel overwhelmed with all the changes.

Today’s message is focusing upon releasing worries, stress and challenges that you are holding onto tightly. You maybe trying to handle too many things at once and this can leave you feeling drained and weary. Here is a gentle reminder for you to release and give these worries to heaven and/or your angels. You don’t have to deal with everything on your own. This message is also telling you that sometimes it is best to let things be, than force a change. You don’t have to feel alone and burdened. We prevent our gifts to come our way by being hell-bent on fixing things ‘our’way. There is help available, once you have made the choice of letting the divine source (GOD) handle your worries. If you find yourself feeling angry, frustrated or tired, try taking some deep breaths, inhaling divine white light from source and exhaling dark, grey negative energy. This will help you center yourself and bring your attention back to the task at hand.

Omega card is a breath of fresh air and a promise that your desired outcome is on its way. You are doing a good job and are urged to stay on this path. Yes, there are temporary problems and roadblocks that keep appearing on your path, but these are ‘temporary’ and don’t let them thwart your faith and distract your focus from your goals. Like the beautiful Unicorn on the image of this card, stay strong and move forward. Release your doubts and challenges and a fruitful outcome is yours, rest assured.

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 16th May, 2015


Theme of the day – High Priestess
What to do – King of Wands
What to avoid – Page of wands


Very clearly, today is the day to act. Stop spending too much time thinking and take action. You already have the answers you are looking for. If you don’t, take a peek within and ask yourself, what is the best course of action for you today? What makes you feel at peace? What changes are needed today in order to set things in motion? The delays you are experiencing could be a result of your own lack of motivation. You want change, but what are you doing to bring this change into your life?

Your advise today is to take a stand, confidently. There is still a part of you that is unsure of whether to take any action now or spend more time thinking and waiting. Today is not the day to take baby steps and experiment, but to be self-assured and move headlong. Trust in yourself.

Angel message – TIME TO GO


I love the way the Angels back up the Tarot messages. A situation has reached full circle in your life and it is now time to leave. Don’t worry if you are experiencing the sunset in your life. Know that the sun will rise again and that something new is in the horizon. Archangel Azrael or even Jesus, can help you make a smooth transition with any changes you encounter today. If you have been waiting for the right, well, the right time is here.

Angel Tarot message for 15th May, 2015



Theme for today – 3 of swords. You may be feeling upset or disappointed today. Things may not be going as you planned. Something has hurt you and you can clearly feel the pain of this loss. While this energy looks dark and dismal, don’t stop yourself from acknowledging this pain. Most of us have the habit of sweeping pain under the rug and it comes back to bite us at a later stage. Instead, face it and allow healing to take place.

What you should focus on – Chariot. Couldn’t have asked for a better card. Pick up the pieces and move on. Take control of your life and get a hold of your emotions. Discipline is required today. Even in the face of distractions, your focus is needed to get the job done. Moving on is your best bet. Don’t let distractions cause you to miss your blessings.

What you should avoid – Justice. Don’t be a victim of guilt trip. Don’t over-analyse and blame yourself for what happened. Avoid the Karmic rigamarole and keep in mind what the Charioteer is asking you to do – Move ahead! At the same time, avoid any dishonesty and don’t shift the blame to others. Understand and accept your responsibilities and know that you always have a choice. Our reality is the answer to our past choices. Accept your present situation, instead of ‘dodging the bullet’.

Angel Message – Creative project


The Angels ask you to engage in a creative project that you may have procrastinated in the past. Spend time indulging in a hobby or fine-tuning your talents. You may have underestimated your skills in the past, especially if you have been thinking of making a meaningful career out of what you enjoy doing. Do your best and stop worrying about not having enough experience. Silence the voice inside that tells you that you CAN’T do it. Instead, focus on what you CAN do, now. The Universe will respond in kind.

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 14th May, 2015



Theme for today – Page of cups. This wonderful messenger of happy, emotional news is here to light up your day with themes such as friendship, new love, creative expression, intuitive ideas, etc. Pages are messengers of Tarot and so, you may receive some positive news today. Also pay attention to any creative thoughts, ideas or intuitive messages that come to you. You may come across friendly people or someone, who is kind, generous and helpful. You may also be starting a new project, which is emotionally fulfilling. This is a great step forward and will bring you favourable results, provided you continue to pour your creativity into it and rely on your intuition to guide you.

What to focus on – Temperance. Healing energy surrounds you. This is a great day to reconcile and let go of any past judgments Exercise moderation and avoid going to the extremes. What part of your life needs balancing? You can reach your goals, but one step at a time. Perhaps, you are overdoing something off-late and this is a wakeup call to give equal attention to other areas of your life.

What to avoid – Three of Wands. Practice letting go of any control issues and let the Universe figure out a way for you. Your plans have a higher chance of success, if you stay optimistic and have faith. Once you learn to let go and surrender, everything falls in place and miraculous solutions will appear. Partnerships will do well if you express your ideas and are clear about your visions. Don’t give up hope as the results you are expecting are not too far from being fulfilled.

Fairy message – Holiday


Today’s message comes from Doreen’s Magical messages from the Fairies deck. It is great if you are taking sometime out for yourself and your loved one’s by going on a vacation. But if you cannot afford one right now, this card is asking you to take frequent breaks to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Connecting with nature is the best way to unwind and de-stress. However, you can also practice some deep breathing from time to time and center yourself. Pay attention to Temperance card above, which is asking you to strike a healthy balance today. Moreover, the fairies say that this short break will bring clarity, ideas and messages to you, which is what our Page of cups is here to tell us.

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 12th May, 2015

Have Confidence


Theme of today – Lovers. Love and relationships has been a theme for most of the readings in the past few days. We have the Lovers representing the energies of today, which reminds us of our relationships, communication, making choices and of course, following our heart. What decisions are pending in your life that involve some of the most important relationships? What choices do you have in front of you today? Are you going to choose something that gives you temporary satisfaction or go for the option that brings you peace and love in the long run? These are some of the questions to reflect on. Alternatively, if you are starting a new journey with someone, know that this union is a blessing.

What to focus on today – Two of cups. Another card that loudly speaks about partnerships. This could be any partnership and is not limited to romantic unions alone. You may have issues resolving some conflicts with someone. If your ego is stopping you from making amends in this association, then this card is asking you to dissolve any misunderstandings and be willing to offer love and reconciliation. Focus on love. Focus on healing.

What to avoid – Five of pentacles. While two of cups above is asking us to focus on amending our relationships, five of pentacles shows us how our ego and misunderstandings could be sabotaging our relationships. This is where the Lovers card is reminding us to be open in our communication. Help is available. There is still hope, but you may have narrowed down your vision, blocking any chances of seeing things clearly and mending your relationships. You don’t have to walk the path of suffering and pain. Seek help. Look around! There is still a beacon of hope.

Angel Message – Have Confidence.


What a beautiful card to receive! Many of us struggle with having confidence in our own abilities and expect the worse all the time. Today’s message is asking you to release some of these false beliefs about your talents and capabilities and to act with courage. Giving up is not the solution. Your angels are waiting to help lift your spirits to a higher place, if you are willing to let them assist you. Be bold and face any challenging situation with audacity. Yes, you can do it! Ignore the little voice of your ego and fear that tells you otherwise.

Angel blessings.

Angel Tarot message for 11th May, 2015

Break the chains and set yourself free


The theme of the day – Devil. Today’s theme is mainly concerned with identifying self-limiting bondages and beliefs that have victimised you. Go deeper within yourself and ask, what negative conditioning is holding you back from moving forward? There may be opportunities that you want to pursue, but you feel trapped. Overcome this fear that is chaining you. It is a matter of will power and understanding that nothing can hold you back, but your mind. If you are battling some kind of addiction, then today is an excellent day to work on releasing yourself from dependency issues. Break the chains. You can set yourself free.

What to focus on – Knight of Pentacles. Focus on the opportunities in the material world that look promising. Take the first step towards your goal. Yes, this venture looks promising. It may develop slowly, but it is worth the efforts and try. Have the willingness to go in a new direction.

What to avoid – Three of swords. The traditional ‘heartbreak’ card is showing us how you may be feeling sad, disappointed or even hurt about something that has occurred in your past. This situation is your block and the only way to overcome it, is to allow yourself to heal and get over it! Put any past setbacks/failures behind and concentrate on this new journey that awaits you.

Angel Message: Opal


You may be worried about your children’s well-being and today, Opal is here to assure you that your little ones are looked after and protected from any harm. This also applies to your children, who may have passed on the otherside at an early age. You may also want to spend some time with your children today. These moments will bring you closer, clear any misunderstandings and deepen your bond.

Angel Blessings