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Angel help to manifest Abundance and Financial growth

I was guided to write this short article to introduce a simple angelic ritual to help you with manifesting abundance and financial security into your life. We all live in a material world, where money plays a very important role. While some say, ‘money is not everything’, unfortunately, times are such that we need money to even get someone’s time and attention. We all wait for that lucky opportunity or miraculous help. With the Angels assistance, it is now possible.


Okay, so getting to the point, this little angelic ritual is no rocket science. Also, today being Sunday and the last day before we start a new month, the timing is perfect to ask for angelic assistance to release any blocks or  vows of poverty that you may have consciously or unconsciously made during this or a past lifetime.

Items needed:

1 golden candle (If you can’t find one, a white candle would also do)
Citrine or Carnelian crystal (If you don’t have these stones, a clear quartz would also work)
Any Angelic reminder such as an Angel figurine, feathers, coins, symbols or pictures of angels, etc.
Sage, sandalwood or rosemary incense stick to draw out negativity
Positive intentions, willingness to receive help and Trust

If you cannot find the items above, it is absolutely fine. I recommend the above as this will create a sacred space and bring more positive energy into your environment. Citrine is popularly known as ‘The Merchant’s stone’ and is excellent to carry in your pocket or purse to draw financial abundance and opportunities. Golden candle is associated with money and luck and works best for invoking angelic help, specifically for improving financial situation. This meditation is best done on a Sunday, but feel free to do it anytime you are in urgent need of financial assistance. Tip: Light the candle and incense with a match stick (avoid lighters) and blow them out with your hand and not breath. 

Once you have gathered the above, find a comfortable corner where you will not be disturbed for at least 20-30 minutes. Close your eyes and get into a deep relaxing state of mind. Take a few deep breaths and if you come across any thoughts that are bothering you, acknowledge them and gently let them go, bringing your focus back to your breath. Call upon your guardian angels and Archangels Auriel and Chamuel to be with you. Simply saying mentally, ‘I invite Archangels Auriel and Chamuel and my guardian angels to come and be with me right now’, will allow them to be with you instantly. You can now begin by asking the Archangels and your guardian angels to assist you in releasing any blocks or issues that surround your finances. Remember to take deep breaths during the process and with each exhale, release any fears, worries, negative conditioning about money. Even though logically some of you may wonder if this is really working or not, let go of your doubts and trust. As you slowly release these worries and fears, imagine them being replaced by a sense of security. Imagine what it feels like to be fully supported and to be living the life you desire. Imagine all your bills paid effortlessly and see yourself in your mind’s eye, enjoying a healthy bank balance. Experience the comfortable feeling of not having to worry about taking care of your loved ones and your needs. Get into the zone. Do it even if your external situation is completely opposite at this time and trust that God and the Angels are right beside you, working on releasing any negativity that surrounds your financial life. Stay in this meditative state for as long as you like and thank the Archangels and the Angels for being with you during this process and helping you. Know that by taking this little time out, you have done some heavy toxic release and opened the doors of manifestation.

Here’s an excellent guided meditation from Doreen Virtue that will help you heal your financial situation.

Break the old cycles and start a new one today. You deserve abundance. I hope this article helps you open your life to receiving blessings. Until next time.

Angel Blessings


Weekly Angel Messages for 25th – 31st May, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you are all sailing through Mercury Retrograde smoothly. Below is the coming week’s Angel reading for all of us. This is a general reading that focuses on what we can do to get the best out of the coming week. I have also pulled a message for Romance at the end. Please keep in mind that this is generic in nature and feel free to take away the positive message from it, even if you cannot find any resonance.

Monday & Tuesday – Accept Heaven’s Help


Such a beautiful message! If you have asked God and your Angels for help with a situation, then get ready to accept this help. Your prayers are heard and now you are receiving all the support you need. This could be in the form of new people you meet, new situations that turn out to be a blessing or resources that you can use. Sometimes, we tend to block this help by being difficult or by simply doubting if we really deserve it. Start being receptive. Don’t be shy to accept help from others. This is one of the ways how God answers your prayers. Your angels will ensure you meet the right people at the right time to help you. Let go of your ego and practice acceptance.

Wednesday & Thursday – Morning Affirmations


Positive affirmations are such a great way to start the morning. They set the tone for the day and raise your vibrations, allowing the universe to match up. If you have been practicing negative self-talk, then stop and start saying positive things about yourself and your situation. One thing I have learned over the years is that simply saying positive affirmations doesn’t help. You need to feel your desires being answered on a soul level. When you feel the joy of living your desired outcome, even when your environment is reflecting the opposite, you are sending out a loud and clear message to the Universe that you are ready to receive. Remain on this frequency and watch miracles occur in due time.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Stay Optimistic


Yes, it may seem difficult to stay positive and keep affirming even when you are not seeing any results. The Angels ask that you remain optimistic as this is a crucial stage. Many a time, we give up because the answers aren’t coming to us the way we expected. We remain so close to our manifestation and in the nick of time, we give up. This uplifting message is for all of you who are tempted to let negative emotions and doubts get the better of you. Don’t allow these fear and ego based energies to interfere with your manifestation. Instead, develop an optimistic outlook, especially during the weekend.

Message of Romance – Love yourself First


I so love this message. Many of us ask, when is the right time to meet the perfect partner? Why can’t they find love? Why do people walk away from them? Here is a beautiful message which is showing you the essence of love, which truly is to love yourself first. Love yourself enough to not let anybody put you down, take advantage of you or make you feel unloved. Learn to walk away from such unhealthy situations and people. Do you love yourself fully? Do you love the way you look? Do you love the way you dress? Or, are you always swimming in a pool of self-loathing thoughts? This week, make time to love yourself. When you start loving yourself, others will see the light in you and will get attracted to you like a magnet. Your life doesn’t depend upon others approval. Set your boundaries. Indulge in self-caring activities. It would benefit you to spend time alone and look after yourself and your needs.

I hope these messages enlighten your path and uplift you. I wish you all a blessed and joyful week ahead.

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 7th May, 2015

The Lovers & Archangel Michael


Some important life-changing decisions need to be made today. These decisions will impact your life positively, however, you maybe finding yourself confused at this time. Some of you may also need to pick between two options. This is the time to follow your passion, hear the calling of your heart and choose that which resonates with your feelings. This is divine timing and you have heaven’s protection and help, while making these life altering changes. Archangel Michael is here to offer his guidance and give you courage and the green signal to move ahead.  If you are concerned about your safety and protection, ask Michael to shield you from any harm and to help you bring about these changes smoothly, one step at a time.

The Lovers also brings to mind love and relationships. What changes are your relationships undergoing? With yesterday’s energies, you have either made up your mind to embrace a new beginning or decided to work towards improving your existing relationships. The choice is yours and you know what is best for you. Remember that you have angelic assistance available to you at any time of the day or night. Archangel Michael can support with your plans by cutting any negative energetic cords that you hold attached to a certain person and clear away negative energy from your relationships. Just ask. Also a great day to welcome new love or meet a special person. Attraction can make your heart flutter.

Ask your angels a question

Hey everyone! I designed a generic Angel message reading for everyone, asking the angels to give us accurate guidance. This is fun and simple and can be used by anyone. So, let me know how it goes and have fun! If you need a personalized reading, feel free to drop me a mail or message and book a reading. Follow the below steps to reveal your Angel message.


  1. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to relax yourself.
  2. Ask your guardian angels or any specific angel you like, a question. You can also ask any spiritual master or God to answer your question too. If you don’t have a question at this time, you can simply ask for a message.
  3. Open your eyes and notice the number that first draws your attention. This may not be a favorite number. Trust your first choice.
  4. Scroll down to read the meaning. The messages may seem generic to some of you and if the below interpretation does not make any sense, read the description on the card and relate to the thoughts, feelings and answers that come to your mind. This is your intuition, bringing answers to you.

    A word of caution, please do not base health advise on this reading. For any serious ailment or health related matter, always seek medical assistance.

1) Oceana – What you’re asking for is coming about, but it needs you to act first. You may have been scared to take the plunge for various reasons, even though deep down you know the answer to this situation. This is the time to assert yourself lovingly. Don’t hold back and continue to move forward. You may not have a plan or all the answers right now. Still, have faith and take the first step. Answers will come once you take action. Are you contributing your bit in this situation? Take the right steps!

2) Astara – This situation may not be in your favor. But take heart and know that you deserve the best. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Yes, you deserve more than what you’re settling in for. You may have settled for less in the past, but you need to break out of that conditioning now. There is something much better in store for you. If you need more information, consult an expert or someone who can offer you an objective point of view.


3) Rochelle – Your intuition is guiding you in the right direction and you already have the answers to this question. Follow the guidance you receive. Your financial hardships are nearing an end. Work with your angels to give you clear signs on your next step and follow this guidance. This may appear to you in the form of vision, thoughts, feelings or signs.


4) Francesca – Your negativity is the biggest culprit in this situation as it is blocking your progress. Lift your thoughts to positive vibrations in order to attract positive results. Before you ask ‘what next?’, ask yourself what you really want and visualize it in your minds eye. Pass this thought to your angels or the universe. Your answer lies in your decision. Decide first what you truly want.

5) Serephina – A change is in the horizon. You are going through a period of adjustment right now. All may not be clear but when the dust settles, you will have a clearer picture. Something new is on it’s way. Ask the angels to help you stay positive during this chaotic phase. Trust that everything will fall in place and very soon you will see things for what its worth. Be patient.


I hope you had fun and received accurate messages that resonated with you. Do share your thoughts and comments below.

Angel Blessings

Angelic guidance for May 2015

Here are your messages from the Angels for May 2015. If you are new to working with the Angels, then remember, these are beings of light who are here on earth to assist us with our life purpose. To work with your angels or any of the Archangels, all you have to do is ask. They will be with you instantly to help, guide, love and support you with any aspect of your life, at any given time. I pulled out Angel oracle cards for each sign and you can read the messages below. It looks like May is the month to start new ventures for most of you. This is the time to set new goals, embrace new beginnings and pursue new opportunities. It is important to shed fear and incorporate faith. Faith can indeed move mountains. These are generic messages and unlike horoscopes, these messages are geared towards uplifting and offering you guidance from the Angelic realm. If you would like a more personalized reading, please feel free to contact me at or on my facebook page – I hope you enjoy these messages and they empower you towards staying positive and attracting prosperity and abundance. Do share your thoughts below and have a blessed month ahead!


You maybe going through emotional healing this month. Your message from the angels is to open your heart to love and let go of any past hurt and disappointment. Clear your heart of anything that is not serving it’s purpose to make room for new blessings. You may also be caught up between making choices, which leave you confused. Be honest with yourself and the people involved in your life about what you want. Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. Take some time out from routine, especially if you are over exerting yourself in both personal and professional life. This ‘me’ time is necessary to avoid burnout and will help rejuvenate you, ensuring that you are better able to fulfill your duties.


This is a month to balance your giving and receiving ratio. You maybe giving too much of yourself to others or vice versa. Give something each day without expecting anything in return; this may include your time, donation of any kind or simply appreciating people in your life. Similarly, ensure you are receptive to receiving help. Your message is to stop worrying too much about a particular situation in your life, as everything is working out in your favor. Be patient at this time, as your dreams and goals are about to manifest. This is also an excellent month to take up learning, continue further studies, resume school or research on a topic. If your desired outcome is delayed, then take heart that everything will fall into place at the right time. This period of waiting is a great opportunity for you to absorb more information and fine-tune your skills.


This month focuses on releasing any anger, unforgiveness or judgement you hold towards yourself or others. You are undergoing healing and it is necessary to release any blocked emotions. This month also marks the perfect time for you to act on your inspirations. Avoid delays and procrastination. Sometimes, it is all about taking that first step towards your goals and not waiting until you figure out all the details. Don’t worry about the ‘how’ and ‘when’. Your ideas are like seeds, which need to be tended carefully right now. For most of you, Autumn is the season when you will reap the rewards for your hard work. Work with Archangel Uriel to help release and heal your emotions.


This is a favorable month to start something new. Pay attention to your inner calling and act on the new ideas and inspirations that come to you. These are divinely directed. This could be a project, a new business venture or even an emotional beginning. You are being watched, guided and protected during these changes. News related to pregnancy is also on the cards, so get ready or be careful. They also gently remind you to let go of judgments and look past the errors and misunderstandings in others. Forgive someone you have been facing difficulties with off-late. Focus on love and the goodness in yourself and others. Drop any self-defeating thoughts and lift your vibrations if you doubt your own abilities or find yourself in an unloving situation.


An excellent month for Leo to move forward with their plans and ideas. You maybe afraid of changes or are wondering whether to proceed further or stick to the familiar. Trust in this divine timing and move forward. Do not hesitate or doubt yourself, as this is a favorable time. You will find the necessary support and resources to back you up. Stay positive during this transition. Your etheric body needs healing and you would benefit from spending time close to the ocean. If this is not possible, then consider salt-water bath. Salt is excellent at neutralizing and transmuting negativity and will help rid you of negative energies from your aura.


Your financial situations is improving. Your finances may have been blocked due to numerous factors in the past and as you follow your inner guidance and release any negative conditioning about money, you will notice that many opportunities and doors open for you. Be patient. May is also a great month to work on your relationships. Singles are likely to find love and those in an existing relationship will be able to overcome any challenges in their current relationships. It is also important to let go of any feelings of unworthiness when it comes to receiving love. Open your heart and welcome new beginnings.


Think creative! Focus on a project that you have been procrastinating for a while. If you have been delaying the start of a new venture that involves your creative input, then this is the time to showcase your talent. It doesn’t matter if your skills are market ready. Continue to pour your energy and passion into this task. Give away any thoughts of feeling insecure and limited, to the universe. If you have been worried lately about the outcome to a difficult situation, then take comfort that everything is working out beautifully. A little more patient will go a long way. Meditation and prayer will help illuminate your path ahead and bring you peace.


May marks the beginning of pursuing something new, which brings you rewards and recognition. You maybe feeling frustrated at not getting something right. This could be a hobby or a newly developed skill. Your keyword is practice. Keep trying and don’t give up, as you are very close to mastering this art. This is a great time to polish your skills. You are also advised to spend more time outdoors, especially if you have been spending too much time indoors, depriving yourself of fresh air and close contact with nature. Your body craves oxygenated air. Consider spending some time gardening, taking a walk in the park, hiking, trekking or simply being close to nature in anyway. You can also ventilate your home to let fresh air flow in. Deep breaths will also help relieve stress.


You maybe struggling to fix something for too long, which is not going the way you had hoped for. Your divine message is to let go of the need to control and surrender your situation to the Universe. Release your worries and have faith. Letting go doesn’t mean you are giving up. Instead, it means you choose not to let yourself be weighed down by situations that are beyond your control. It may also be the right time to release something or someone from your life. Make a list of everything that is not serving it’s purpose in your life and then, let it go with your intentions. There maybe decisions to make and if you’re feeling confused, then ask yourself which path brings you closer to peace and makes you feel good about yourself. You already know the answers. Be open and admit to yourself and others what you truly desire.


Good news related to your finances is highlighted this month. Any past debt will be lifted as your financial situation improves and you will find ways to bring more abundance and prosperity into your life. You may find a new job or an additional one to draw multiple income. You are also, strongly advised to shed your fears and worries, as it only attracts what you don’t want, blocking your chances at a speedy manifestation. The situation you are concerned about is under control and there is nothing to worry about. You are also being guided to pursue education, further studies, take up courses that will help expand your knowledge and polish your existing skills. Do some additional research on a topic close to your heart and focus on learning.


Business and romance are the highlights for Aquarius in May. A new business venture is in the cards and your guidance is to trust and follow your instincts with this new opportunity. If self-employment is on your mind, then this is a great time to act on your inspirations. Your creativity will help open doors for you. Do not belittle yourself and express your creative side, without worrying too much about it will be received. A new romance is likely to blossom for most of the single Aquarians. Your existing relationships improve as you reignite the passion. Ensure you are striking a healthy balance of giving and receiving in your personal lives.


Pisces, this is the month to act and charge ahead! You’ve got the power and the abilities to make a change and bring your desires to fruition. You may have doubted your capabilities in the past and it is now time to pay attention to your divine inner light and have confidence to move forward and make changes. This is a great time to pursue new opportunities and if you have been wondering lately, whether to stay put or proceed further with regards to a situation, then the Universe is reassuring you to move forward. Let your intuition be the guide. Do not dismiss your inner guidance, as it is pushing you in the right direction. Procrastination could act as the culprit that will block your progress.

When your angels ask that you release and surrender


We often hear these words and tell ourselves, ‘easier said than done’. I was contemplating on the message of this card, which has often showed up in the readings for others and myself included, when we are trying to control a situation or are worried sick about something. Let’s examine this message a little closely.

What exactly does it mean to release and surrender? Does this mean you give up? No! You’re not giving up because you can’t do it. Instead, you’re letting a superior force, which I would like to call God and some may even refer to as the ‘Universal force’, figure out the details. You cannot find answers to tricky situations and stay calm amidst the storm, when you are nervous, scared, overthinking and worrying about how your situation will be best resolved.

Having faith and letting go is such a difficult task for most of us and we sometimes take this advise with a pinch of salt. However, by letting go of your challenges and problems, you no longer let the worry eat you away and drain your energy. It is so important to stay in a level of high vibration all the time, because not only does it make you feel good, but it also attracts positive and high vibrational situations, people and solutions into your life. You also hear your angels messages and notice the signs more clearly. How many times have you noticed a skeptic or pessimist expecting the worse and getting exactly that in return? If you don’t receive the answer that you expected then learn to trust your Angels and believe that they are working towards delivering the best resolution for your situation. You need to be open to receiving divine help and learn to trust, which is equal to half the battle won.

So the next time you are at the end of your rope figuring out the details or caught up in a challenging situation, simply call upon your angels and ask them to assist you with finding the most optimal resolution to the situation. Let go of your worries and trust that everything will resolve in divine timing and that your prayers are being answered in the best possible way. It all starts with faith and when you decide to ask for divine intervention.

With special thanks to Archangel Gabriel.

Weekly Taroscopes for 23rd to 29th March, 2015


This week, I foresee gifts, messages and rewards coming your way. Help and guidance is available to you. People from your past may turn up in unexpected ways, out of nowhere bringing you news you can use. The Faerie realm confirms this message and advises you to let your optimism shine. What you will put out there will turn into a mirror, reflecting and returning your intentions. Emotionally, this is a week that brings you joy and comfort.


This week, you will have tough battles to fight. I foresee victory in the cards for you, but not the one that comes from the application of brute force; Rather, the one that comes with mental agility and strategy. It is time to get a little selfish in your act and put your needs in the forefront. You can’t make everyone happy so, do yourself a favor and don’t carry the onus of guilt and tension. The faerie realm is bringing you a message of abundance and the reassurance to trust your abilities. Don’t give up because there’s too much struggle. Put your best foot forward and face challenges, with the vigor of a bull.


People may judge your emotions on face value but only you know what is going on underneath the surface. You’re working towards getting your life in order, becoming more organized and towards taking control of your life. Time to introduce some discipline and routine. The faerie realm brings you the message of paying attention to your emotions and feelings, which maybe rising and falling like a tidal wave. Appreciate and show your value to the people and positive circumstances that present to you this week.


I foresee some great changes and motivations coming your way this week. Your passion is renewed and some great opportunities present out of nowhere. These ideas or opportunities also bring much potential with it, so it all depends on how you take it and what you make out of it. Got a creative idea that you’re contemplating on? Don’t waste time and go grab it. The Faerie realm sends you a resounding message of new beginnings. The darkness of the past is being lifted away with the light of a new lantern. What you sow now, will reap rewards later. Work on your inspirations!



There is so much energy of movement this week and it brings events, opportunities, sudden news and changes. You’re brimming with ideas but are you willing to act upon it? Because the more you procrastinate, you stand a good chance of missing out on promising potentials. Some of you will also travel suddenly for business or leisure. The faerie realm is stressing on the importance of focus this week. You know what you want and you will receive one chance to make the big impression. Do not get distracted and lose sight. The signs that you’re receiving are divinely guided and serve as reminder that you’re on the right path.



This is a week of decisions for you. Apparently, there is so much confusion in the air and you will be busy looking for clarity and clear-sightedness. There might be an individual you will have a tough time dealing with. It looks like there is a lot of ‘proving’ that needs to be done this week and you need to be wary of others motives. Your ideas carry potential but make sure you have done a thorough research. The Faerie realm is asking you to be determined and patient. Your plans may seem jeopardized but you are still in control of overthrowing any powerful force. Keep your hopes alive!



This is an important week for you, as you leave the familiar and get ready to jump into the unknown. You’re ready to take on risks. So what’s the flip side? You may have moments of doubts, while you’re inspired to make new choices. Your advise is to trust the magic of change and take a leap of faith. The faeries are indicating that a new beginning is imminent. What no longer serves you is being cleared away from your life, making way for a new and exciting journey ahead. Be in harmony with the new gateways life is opening for you and trust the Universe.



You are entering a positive phase this week. There is joy, abundance, happiness and all the good things. Expect delays to come to an end, improvement in relationships, conflicts resolving to your favor etc Your faith is renewed and optimism rejuvenated. You’re creativity expresses itself freely and is well received. The Faeries are in the mood to shower you with gifts and help make your visions more crystal-clear, ensuring your success. News that shocks you could be a blessing in disguise.



New commitments, enterprises and promising start awaits you this week. Financial security is highlighted and chances are, you will receive some form of monetary gift. This new phase has the potential to go a very long way. Your passion will determine how you mold this opportunity. The Faerie realm is bringing you a message of harmony by bringing an end to all arguments with family and friends. They also insist that you listen to your heart and go after your dreams.


This is a week of new emotional beginnings for you. Whether it is your romantic life and new love or a feeling of contentment, there is so much harmony and peace in your life. A new offer is made that fills you up with passion. If you’re emotional life has shown you turmoil in the past, take heart in this weeks energy and the abundance that comes your way. You may receive tempting proposals. The faeries bring you a positive message this week that if you’ve been waiting on answers from someone, then you will receive a positive response. Your talents shine this week and you are encouraged to try to resolve conflicts. They ask that you never despair.



A happy and fulfilling week is ahead of you where success comes knocking on your door. Whether you’re expecting to hear about a job offer, planning your next business move or even entering a new relationship, the energy of the sun breathes life into all your endeavors. The faeries have good news where romance is concerned. This week also brings together the uniting of two hearts. Romantic love finds you. Pay attention to the new people who come into your life. A great week for marriage and engagements.



This is a week of social events, adding new names to your contact lists, events and celebrations. In business, your charisma and dynamism wins you support and admiration. You’re in the leaders role and lot of people look upto. You’re guided to trust your intuition. That inner voice of yours is trying to get a message across. Be confident and trust in your abilities. The faeries are bringing you news of abundance and fertility. Even if your current situation does not offer you much hope, change is on its way and brings you many reasons to be happy and content.

Card of the day for 20th March, 2015

King of Pentacles


Today’s card is indicative of a stable and reliable energy. There is a sense of groundedness today. From yesterday’s volatile energy, today we settle down and work towards setting the foundations to build a lasting and concrete dream, again.

Dream big! Make a list of your goals and also take into consideration your achievements so far. This King reminds you that your dreams are achievable and you also have the resources to help you get on your feet again. These resources could come in the form of friends, a significant person who you can trust or take help from or even assets you can rely on at this time. The KOP stands for hard work, perseverance and doing things the right way. There are no shortcuts to success and he very gently reminds you to embody these characteristics to attain your goals.

This King may also walk into your life today in the form of a person who is straightforward, honest, ambitious, generous and settled. He is a provider and is willing to offer you something. If you’re applying for a job, keep in mind the above traits and be practical and down-to-earth in your approach. Enjoy the steadiness and secureness that is brought under the influence of the KOP today and apply practicality in your doings.

Card of the day for 19th March, 2015

The Tower


A significant day where fresh ideas replace time worn beliefs. Old structured way of living or perceiving is substituted for something unfamiliar, untried and unaccustomed. Something you’ve held onto for long is falling away. Abrupt endings take your world by storm, nonetheless making way for a new start from the scratch. This may push you out of your comfort zone and seem intimidating at first, but here is a platform for you to rebuild and redesign your life, goals, creations etc to bring out the best that is yet to be seen.

Some of you may also witness the closure of a long standing situation. This will be a sigh of relief because you now know where you stand and how you can proceed further. Do not worry and trust that this upheaval, whether pleasant or painful, is needed in order for you to grow in your life path and lead you towards a better tomorrow. You’ve learnt a valuable lesson, which will be useful in the future.

Card of the day for 18th March, 2015

Nine of Wands


There is a sense of protection and defense in the air with todays message. You’re raising all the walls around you to safeguard that which you hold dear. Perhaps, you don’t want to feel weak and let others see your vulnerable side.

You are also being urged to work relentlessly towards a situation. Recent setbacks are pushing you towards giving up, however, with today’s message, you are encouraged to stand your ground. You may not be able to see how far you’ve come, but trust in your strength and persevere, as you are not too far from getting by the hard times.

Don’t give up on what you believe and work towards protecting all that you have created for yourself. Let the tiny ounce of passion remaining in you, help ignite the flame of motivation.