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Angel Tarot message for 30th May, 2015

Three of Wands & Ask help from others


Things looks positive with the three of wands. A much awaited news comes to you. Some of you may have just started out a new business venture, which looks promising. Kudos for the good start! Be patient, as you have many more milestones to achieve and it will all come with time. Your relationships are improving. A wonderful opportunity may also bring you a chance to travel overseas or take your business to the next level, perhaps even bringing you recognition on a Global level. Your farsightedness is fetching you do-able ideas and achievable goals. Stay optimistic and know that you are closer to manifesting your desires than you think.


The Angels bring you some helpful guidance by suggesting that you be open and willing to ask for help from others. You already know who can help you on your path and previously, something could have stopped you from approaching them. This is the right time to seek out help in any form. Much growth and new insight comes to you through collaboration. Release any feelings of guilt or shame associated with taking this step. There is nothing wrong with involving others in your goals. Team work is what is needed now to maximize your outcome.

Angel Blessings


Angel Tarot message for 29th May, 2015

The Sun & Friendship


The Sun brings brightness and joy into our life today. It is time to awaken. The dawn is here, shedding more light on anything that was previously hidden or unclear. There is much jollification and playfulness in the air, with the influence of the Sun. New opportunities, improvement in relationships and new doors are opening for you. After the stuck energy of Hanged man, finally things have started moving. Expect good news. Children may also be a source of joy for you.


The Oracle message for today is friendship. This message is asking you to take time out of your busy schedule and catch up with old friends. You need this time to rejuvenate. Go out and do something fun today. If there are any issues or misunderstandings with your friends or a particular friendship, this is a favourable day to bring back peace. This message may also imply new friendships or rekindling of old ones. You may receive joyful news from your friends. Together, both the Sun and the Friendship message have plenty of goodness and excitement in store for you.

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 28th May, 2015

Ten of Pentacles & Wait


Today’s card brings us the message of security and stability, concerning our material needs. Along with the oracle message of ‘WAIT’, it would benefit us to avoid any impulsive commitments that involve our money or investments. Something better is in the horizon. Practice patience today. A new information may alter your plans or course of action in future. You won’t regret taking this extra time.

This card also reminds us to relish our achievements. You have come very far indeed and today, you may want to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Matters related to real estate maybe delayed or require some more time to fully develop. In the end, you will enjoy material benefits and patience will pay off. In personal life, decisions related to home or marriage need careful consideration. Take time to contemplate.

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 27th May, 2015

Hanged man and Blessed Change


Hanged Man repeats! The energy of feeling stuck is still in the air. When the same card repeatedly emerges, it definitely carries a stronger message. But since this card is accompanied by the ‘Blessed change’ oracle message, we can take heart that we won’t be living in suspension for too long. It’s interesting to see how both the figures in the cards are turned upside down. They have a different view of the world. Change will come if you turn your world around and see things differently. Your current methods are not too helpful and have created stagnation. New light will be shed on an old topic; something needs illumination in your life. You will either gain a valuable lesson or learn to see a situation from a different viewpoint.

Romance tip for the day – Flirt


Why not introduce some playfulness into a dull day and spice up your romantic life? The Romance Angels bring us the message to ‘flirt’. This doesn’t mean hurting or cheating your current partner. Instead, the emphasis is on introducing some fun into your existing relationships. Reignite the spark that may have gone missing. If you are seeking out a new relationship, take some time to get all decked out and extend your friendly energy to people. Meet new people and engage in conversations. This is an excellent way to make new friends and then, who knows?!

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 26th May, 2015

Hanged Man & Consult an Expert


Situations may seem stuck and if you are expecting a quick answer or resolution, you may find yourself in the waiting room. You may need to shift your perspective. If you are used to doing things in a particular manner or if you are relying on a single method to achieve your desired result, then Hanged man is asking you to try a completely opposite or different approach. Explore other avenues. This change in perspective will open a new way of viewing things and will bring you more insights. Some growth lessons come to us in the form of sacrifices and hardships. Your situation is here to teach you something.

Our oracle message for today is guiding us to consult an expert. This also fits in well with Hanged man. You may have exhausted all your resources and techniques, without much success and may be running short of ideas. The resolution to a dead end situation will come from seeking assistance. Admit to yourself that you may not have all the answers at times and it is best to receive guidance. Some of you may also need to take the next step and visit a counselor to deal with harrowing situations. If you are at the start of a new venture and find yourself in a deadlock, reach out to mentors or people who can help you. Get expert advise!

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 25th May, 2015

5 of Pentacles & Blessed Change


Today’s message comes to us from the five of pentacles card, which speaks about difficulties which are mainly related to finances. There may have been a loss or lack of money or abundance in your life. Abundance need not mean money alone, but could be related to anything that brings joy into your life, such as your relationships, work, children, spiritual path etc. You may also be finding it hard to come to agreement with someone. The path ahead may look dark and dreary. Feelings of not knowing where you are heading, are some of the most common influences. It would benefit you to spend wisely today avoid making risky investments, as losses are indicated. The saying, ‘save your pennies for a rainy day’ rings true today.

Keeping in mind that one of the attributes of the number 5 is ‘change’, our oracle message today is speaking of a blessed change coming our way. This is such a beautiful and reassuring message, which is telling us that the changes we are undergoing currently are bringing something better our way. So don’t worry and trust that everything will fall in place. How many times have you witnessed your plans going awry, only to bring something better along the way? Trust in God, Universe, the source, whatever you may call the one true power. Your angels are more than happy to help you transition smoothly during this change. Remember to keep calm and ask your Angels for guidance.

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 23rd May, 2015

Judgement & Contemplation time


Judgement and ‘Contemplation time’ are together showing us, how important it is to review our options today, as major changes lie ahead of us. With Mercury Retrograde on a spin, we need to add the prefix ‘RE’ before everything we do – Re-consider, Re-assess, Re-view etc. Judgement is showing us that a re-awakening is in process and we need to make sure that we have all the information we need before we proceed further. Use your judgement wisely. If you are unsure about something, take time to contemplate. Some of these decisions are going to impact your life in a greater way.

Our oracle message comes from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck. Not only is it wise to contemplate on your choices, but there is also a need to relax yourself today. Your communication is going to play an important role until Mercury Retrograde ends (11th June). This includes what you are communicating to the Universe. So get clear about your desires by identifying what you really want, where you want to see yourself and what path are you willing to take. To do this, you need to use your ‘judgement’ carefully. Nature is the best source of inspiration and spending time close to plants, flowers, trees or in a garden can bring new insights. Don’t forget to carry a pen and a paper to jot down your thoughts.

Angel Blessings

Angel Tarot message for 22nd May, 2015



Today’s message comes to us as strength and the need to be honest with ourselves. You may be dealing with a challenging situation today that requires your inner strength and courage. You do have this strength within you. You have been fighting a battle for a very long time and the presence of today’s card is asking you to persevere and gather your confidence and courage. Success is yours.

There may be a task ahead of you which looks frightening and laborious from afar. But truth is, it is not all that difficult. You have the necessary support available to you, either in the form of others, resources or simply your inner guidance. All you need to do is believe in yourself that you can do it. There is also a need to be compassionate and forgiving towards others.

The Angels are asking you to be honest with yourself and others about how you feel. You may have felt threatened in the past to admit your true feelings and express your point of view. However, the best resolution will come to you once you are open and honest. This includes being clear with yourself about what you need and what direction you want to take in life. You deserve better. There is no roundabout way of handling things. Don’t worry about the consequences. Ask the angels to guide you and stand by you as you make important decisions and if you want them to boost your courage.

PS – Today, the 22nd, is an angel number that asks that you have faith that everything is working out in your favor and that things will fall in place, in time. When you add up today’s date, it reduces to number 17, which represents the star card in tarot and is a reminder to stay hopeful about your visions and dreams.

Angel Tarot message for 21st May, 2015



Love is in the air. There is a strong emphasis on Love and it’s various extensions, today. The answer to every conflict in your life is Love. The figure in the 8 of cups card is walking away, leaving 8 shiny cups behind. Maybe in search of something better, something meaningful. Some of you may feel the need to walk away from a situation that no longer brings you joy. It is good to explore and take this time out. Don’t worry about what you will find on your way. It is the journey that matters. Instead of viewing a situation through bitterness and resentment, forgive and let go. See past the mistakes and open your heart to absorb the beautiful pink light of love.

If your heart center is closed, you may be finding it difficult to experience inner peace. Have you bottled up your feelings? Notice any signs of anger, disappointment, guilt and sadness you have harbored. It is time to let go of these emotions, because they are not serving any purpose in your life. Once you release these toxic emotions, not only will you feel lighter, but you will also make way for better things to make way into your life. Make peace and let go! Everything has its purpose to serve in your life. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right.

Tip: If you feel heavy-hearted, take a moment to center yourself by taking several long deep breaths. While you inhale, imagine breathing in divine pink light and releasing dark, grey energy out. Do this a few times and visualize all that heavy, toxic energy leaving your body in this process, filling your heart with love, peace and comfort. Don’t forget! Your angels are just a ‘ask’ away.

Angel Tarot message for 20th May, 2015

Archangel Gabrielle

Theme of the day – Hermit
What to focus on – 4 of wands
What to avoid – 4 of swords


You may feel the need to disconnect and retreat today. You may prefer solitary moments to the company of others. While it is great to spend some alone time, today your energies and presence is needed elsewhere. Are you avoiding a celebration, event or a meeting with friends or loved ones? Go have fun! Your body and soul need this outside connection. This is a great time to discuss your plans and get a second opinion from others about an important matter. You alone may not have all the answers and could possibly miss out on the finer details.

Some of you are also being directed towards spending time outdoors. The energies we are experiencing during Mercury retrograde are intense and even though your body needs a nap or break from time to time, confining yourself within the four walls of your home or office won’t do you much good today. You need fresh, country air, especially if you are feeling sick, low or feeling drained, too often. With a repetitive 4, you can either let your limitations hold you back or break them to expand your views.

Angel message – Archangel Gabrielle


Archangel Gabrielle is here to remind you of the importance of communication today. Going with the theme above, talking things out is essential to clear away doubts, gain a deeper perspective and introduce yourself to new concepts and ideas. If your work involves communication and you are facing difficulties in expressing yourself, call upon Archangel Gabrielle to assist with this area. Gabrielle will help you release any insecurities and fears that are stopping you from voicing your opinions. For some of you, communication and arts may play an important role in determining a life purpose.

Talk away! Angel Blessings