Tarotscopes for August 2018


Hello Pretties and Thank you for being here!

This month, I whipped out a Tarotscope post for us all as a collective for the month of August. We start August in the middle of Mercury Retrograde (RX) which will end on August 18th and will be followed by shadow phase until the 1st of September.

To write these Tarotscopes, I rely on the message from the cards and if you read through the messages, most of them have an overarching theme of releasing something that is no longer purposeful to you. Also, I noted that many of us are have the guidance to revisit old and existing plans than dive into something completely new, which comes as no surprise in the Mercury RX season.

These are general messages for all of us as a collective so take what resonates and leave the rest. If you are interested in personal reading, I offer paid readings via e-mail, phone, and skype/facetime/whatsapp. For any inquiries on a private reading, feel free to drop me a message at Tarotwithsonnyaa@gmail.com.

I hope these messages are useful for you as you move through August. Let’s begin!

For this month, I also drew a collective guidance card for all of us who are going to be reading this post. The message that is coming through for us is – Movement.


From the Enchanted Map Oracle deck

Delays are coming to an end and things will slowly start picking up in August. The keyword here is ‘slowly’ so don’t panic if things are not taking off at the pace you expected them to. There is forward movement, despite this being the retrograde season, and that is a good sign.

The message of movement is also indicating that change is very much in the air. For some of you, this change can manifest in the form of a relocation. There could be many opportunities that will lead to travel and sightseeing. In order to see a difference in your life, you need to take the first step towards change. Break out of the stagnancy spell and move ahead. Clear old energy and obsolete habits and you will start seeing fresh beginnings manifesting in your life.

Let’s look at the individual signs, now:


This is a busy month for you, Aries. There are new things to learn, new tasks to get to and new goals to accomplish. If you own a business, then expect more clients and orders. Your work is valued so do a good job and keep going. With all this busy-ness keeping you on your toes this month, the Universe is also bringing you the guidance to rest and recharge. You will know when you are headed for a burnout and when you do, take a step back and focus on giving your body and mind some well-deserved rest. That is how you will accomplish your goals. Aside from this, your relationships are also coming into the picture this month. It is time to release some of those meaningless connections and find the strength to exit out of toxic relationships. There is a very good reason why this guidance is coming your way. It is because new connections are on the horizon. New relationships, business partnerships, and friendships are making their way into your life. But you cannot really give yourself fully to new relationships until you are over and done with the bad old ones, right? Take this month to reevaluate some of the connections that you are holding onto which are not good for you. If there is hope to fix these connections, then remember that it takes two to tango and you shouldn’t be the only one working on doing things. If these connections are beyond repair, time to say good riddance.


Dear Taureans, August is about surrendering what is beyond you. Step back from the need to be action-oriented and engage in contemplation. Your plans and projects may need a fresh perspective and maybe some tweaking as well. Don’t be in a rush to settle with current ideas as they may not be for your highest good. Think, reconsider, and if needed, regroup and re-do. Some endings are also on the horizon. But with an ending, comes clarity and new beginnings. This ending need not manifest in a dramatic way. It could take place subtly too, like a sudden flash of insight that could turn you in a new direction because you realize the existing path is not for you. Your guidance this month, Taureans, is to move on and away from things that are not meant for you. Do not fight the tide. Instead, accept what is and keep moving with peace in your heart, knowing that what is good for you will always find a way into your life.


Gemini folks, all the hard work you have put in the past and your patience is beginning to pay off in August. The wait is coming to an end. Clarity is also yours to take this month as you will understand if something you have pursued all this while needs more energy and investment or is better left alone. There is a happy vibe flowing through the month for you but you need to stop being overconfident and overzealous about things. Put your brilliant thinking capabilities to use first and only then take action. That being said, and despite Mercury RX stirring up drama all over the world, new things are waiting to be birthed in your world. You don’t have to rush through these beginnings, though. Plan and nurture your ideas and take slow and concrete steps towards bringing them to fruition. In relationships, time to cut cords with someone who has taken away your power. Take ownership of your life and decisions and do not end up being owned by others. Nurture the bonds that help you grow and release those that drag you down.


Dear Cancerians, August is about letting your past go past and embracing new opportunities and possibilities. That can be easier said than done, I know! But this month is about movement and change and the more you hang on to past disappointments and losses, the more you block your own progress. There is nothing more to derive out of old grief so release it. Send love to your solar-plexus chakra and take back your power from situations that are limiting your growth. Competition is in the air this month, Cancerians. You will have to fight for what you want and prove yourself worthy by showcasing your skills in order to get to where you want to. This competitive energy can mostly manifest in work situations. The single Cancerian may find new date invites. If you are still hung up on that ex-flame, you may be blocking new relationships from manifesting. Let him/her go. Your guidance this month is to relax and simply breathe in the face of overwhelming situations. Breathing exercises and meditations will benefit your well-being.


Dear Leos, August comes bearing a karmic undertone for you in that you will reap what you have sowed in the past. Some of you will be rewarded for past efforts while others may have to face the music for the missteps taken. Use this is an opportunity to learn and grow. Progress will take place in situations involving law and order. Mercury goes retrograde in your sign and this can lead to communication problems. Repressed feelings are seeking an outlet so focus on healing your throat chakra and confidently and calmly speak your truth. Free yourself from the captivity of old pain and suffering. Family matters will beg more attention this month Leo and you may find yourself reuniting with family members or closely dealing with stuff involving your loved ones. Care should be taken on how you are managing your finances. Some investment decisions may need reconsidering.


Virgos, August is about pursuing things you feel passionately drawn to. This could be a hobby, a new business idea, a creative spark or anything that makes your heart sing. But you need to manage your finances well this month and reclaim your space if you feel taken advantage of. Take time to review some of the beliefs you have been nurturing, note where you are being stubborn and make changes that are necessary for your growth. Identify the patterns that have put you in a negative loop and break them. Time management will be crucial this month and no one knows how to do that better than you. Work could start piling up, otherwise, leaving you drained and demotivated. On a personal note, a new friendship or relationship is in the cards for you. Be receptive to positive experiences that come your way and focus on being joyful.


Librans, Mercury RX may strongly affect your sign so watch your back in August. Yours is a sign that loves balance and harmony but some situations may shake up that balance this month. There is a greater likelihood of getting entangled in misunderstandings, conflict, and circumstances that could test your patience and inner strength. Avoid confrontration and move away from people and situations that smell of trouble. You will also need to pay a great deal of attention to your mental health in August. Worries, anxious thoughts, and stress could, otherwise, play havoc. Remain calm and meditate regularly to silence the mental cacophony. Compromises may be necessary to maintain peace and balance. Make sure you are resting well and taking good care of your body. Embracing new ideas and a fresh perspective is important to your growth and well-being. let go of rigidity and be flexible to change.


Scorpios, the theme of ‘out with the old and in with the new’ is playing strongly in many lives this month. But you may experience the need to release and de-clutter more powerfully in August. Old skeletons from your closet and long-buried stuff may pop back up. If you have not addressed these in the past, now is the time to make your peace and put some of these issues behind you, once and for all. If you are dealing with a health situation, progress and recovery is on the cards. Your mental health needs attention, though. Do not let overthinking and excessive worrying keep you up at night. Anxiety could come up for some of you, so take precaution and care. It is best to postpone starting anything new this month, especially if you lack the clarity and confidence. Cleansing your energy from time to time will help you cope with stress and clear you of unwanted energies that you are likely to pick up from your environment. Make this a part of your routine.


Archers, decision-making is coming through strongly for you this month. A situation can no longer be put on the backburner and needs your attention. What have you avoided confronting so far? Face it head-on and move forward breaking the stalemate. Some complex matters involving papers, law, tax may also be of prime concern. Handle with tact and diplomacy. Smart and practical thinking will win the day so don’t let emotional judgment consume you. Enough with the serious talk! August also has some lighthearted, fun moments in store for you. Be open to new and positive experiences. Find time to do something fun. I guess this is one of those months where you need to keep the balance between your need to have fun and fulfill your responsibilities at the same time.


The energy of Love surrounds you in August, dear Capricorn. We’re talking relationships and heart chakra opening moments. The single Capricorn stands the chance of meeting that someone special. But in order for that to happen, you must be open to inviting the energy of love and put yourself ‘out there’ (better not turn down those party invites and opportunities to meet new people). Follow your heart’s desire and make decisions based on what makes you feel good, Cappies. When it comes to work or business, it’s time to stop playing it small and look for new techniques to enhance your profile. Find new avenues to make your work and talent more visble. Patience is a virtue and one that comes easily to you. This month demands consistency and a patient attitude. Like many other zodiac signs, you too need to reconsider where and how you are investing your time and resources.


Aquarians, you may feel a little weighed down this month so keep your priorities in check and don’t get distracted from your goals. Too many things may demand your time and attention, so be more mindful of who and what you give your energy and time to. It will really help to take frequent breaks and do something fun and invigorating whenever time permits. Spending time with your tribe unwinding can also help beat the stress and keep you going (your bff or girl/boy gang). Some habits, patterns, and situations have imprisoned you, Aquarians, and you need to gather your strength and break out of these. This could range from addictions to negative beliefs to toxic connections. Where do you need to exercise self-control? What do you need to free yourself from? Contemplate and work towards your own betterment. Things may move slowly this month and further delays can be expected. But instead of feeling bummed out, take this as an opportunity to reassess your techniques and plan of action. Something may need tweaking and that could set you off on a new and better path.


Pisceans, you have the right amount of energy and enthusiasm to get things done in August. Although you are a water sign, you are blazing with fire energy that can both propel you forward and even end up burning you. It is important to meet your enthusiasm with logic and carefully crafted steps. In short, keep that impulse in check and think and maybe even rethink before you make big bold moves. Sparks are flying for the single and fun loving Pisces. I don’t see commitment in the cards but if you are in the mood to have fun, August will bring you opportunities to do just that. Existing relationships could also use some passionate energy. Unfinished business from your past may need attention, too, Pisces. Before you embark on something new, pay attention to the incomplete tasks first and finish them. If you have been working on an ongoing issue for a long time now, don’t give up. You will need to exert yourself a little more in August but this looks like the final push of completion. Travel is highlighted but since this is the Mercury RX season, plan well.

Love and Light,



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