Soul Talks and Channeled Messages

Hey Gorgeous souls!

Instead of focusing on each day’s message, I am going to draw cards from now on simply asking for Universal guidance for us all as a collective (especially those of you reading this post) from time to time. You may be guided to this message after six months and it may be just what your soul needs. So no timestamps will be applied to these readings.

Okay then. Let’s get started.

Today, I drew some cards for us and here are some messages that I would like to share with you. Feel free to look at the cards and trust your own intuition as well.


The Tarot cards I picked are The Tower and the King of Wands from the Cosmic Tarot. To me, these cards are saying that old beliefs are being discarded in favor of the new. So many things are changing in our world. But the most important change that we are experiencing has to do with our beliefs, ideas, plans, and even our sense of self. New knowledge and insights are replacing old ones. Can’t help but notice the ‘crown’ falling in the tower card and the new crown that the King of wands is wearing.

Even in the midst of all these changes, own your power. Bring down all the rigid beliefs about your self and the world around you. Some of you have held onto false beliefs about your own power. ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I don’t have the talent’, ‘I have poor self-esteem’, ‘I want to be liked’, ‘Everyone hates me’, ‘Maybe I’ll never accomplish much in my life’ – we can relate, can’t we?

At this time in your life, focus on building yourself up. Do not measure your entire life’s worth through your past, negative experiences. Often, most of these beliefs go back to our childhood where parents may have been overly critical, absent, abusive, or would have failed to provide us with the support that our young, budding self, needed. You need to work on eliminating the negative voices from the core of its existence, which is not going to happen overnight, I admit, but which is also not impossible and is very much needed for you to re-create a brand new You. The King of wands is ready to redesign his kingdom. Are you ready to redesign your life?


Interestingly, we have the Family culture card also come up for us from the Magical Unicorn oracle deck. Beautiful Souls, it will help to look into your own family’s history and identify some old patterns that have passed on from generation to generation. It is common for us to emulate a parent/guardian’s behavior as an adult because our environment plays a huge role in shaping us from a young age. Notice both the positive and negative attributes. You now have a chance to do away with some of these old family patterns which have negatively impacted your family members and now, you. For instance, just because almost everyone in the family was addicted to alcohol, doesn’t mean you have to make the same choice and spiral down the road of self-destruction, yourself. You can make a choice instead of blindly following the footsteps and blaming the genes.

Similarly, learn from the positive aspects of your family and ancestry as well and work on enhancing those qualities within yourself.

Digging deeper into your own family’s tradition may even bring you some exciting new discoveries such as grandma’s old recipe. Who knows?! *wink*

Some of you may feel fascinated by different cultures at this time and feel a calling to follow the footsteps of the ancestors of these traditions. Honor this calling. You may have had a past life experience linking you to this culture and time or perhaps, your soul needs this culture’s teachings and practices to grow, heal, and advance at this stage. Explore and be open to embracing new techniques from the most unexpected of places.


Last but not the least, I am going to conclude this post with a message from Cheryl Richardson’s Self-care cards. Nature. There is no better healer than nature. As mankind continues to replace nature with concrete jungles, it may be difficult for everyone to get in touch with nature in your immediate environment. But nature doesn’t have to be a jungle or a forest pathway right now, although getting away from the hustle-bustle and booking a cabin in the woods or a shack at the beach does feel divine to the senses. It can be a park, the lake in your town, or even the beauty of that mini garden in your balcony. Spend time here breathing in the fresh energy. Go for a walk, if you are feeling stuck or if you need to clear your mind and gain new perspectives. Let nature, in whatever form you can, into your life.


Sending you much love, beautiful lightworker!

Sonnyaa Siingh


I offer private readings via e-mail and Skype. If you are interested in receiving guidance on a pressing matter or are wondering where your path is taking you, you can book a reading with me by writing to

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1 thought on “Soul Talks and Channeled Messages

  1. God bless you Sonnyaa for the lovely words. They infuse me with a sense of positivity and purpose as always.


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