Angel help to manifest Abundance and Financial growth

I was guided to write this short article to introduce a simple angelic ritual to help you with manifesting abundance and financial security into your life. We all live in a material world, where money plays a very important role. While some say, ‘money is not everything’, unfortunately, times are such that we need money to even get someone’s time and attention. We all wait for that lucky opportunity or miraculous help. With the Angels assistance, it is now possible.


Okay, so getting to the point, this little angelic ritual is no rocket science. Also, today being Sunday and the last day before we start a new month, the timing is perfect to ask for angelic assistance to release any blocks or  vows of poverty that you may have consciously or unconsciously made during this or a past lifetime.

Items needed:

1 golden candle (If you can’t find one, a white candle would also do)
Citrine or Carnelian crystal (If you don’t have these stones, a clear quartz would also work)
Any Angelic reminder such as an Angel figurine, feathers, coins, symbols or pictures of angels, etc.
Sage, sandalwood or rosemary incense stick to draw out negativity
Positive intentions, willingness to receive help and Trust

If you cannot find the items above, it is absolutely fine. I recommend the above as this will create a sacred space and bring more positive energy into your environment. Citrine is popularly known as ‘The Merchant’s stone’ and is excellent to carry in your pocket or purse to draw financial abundance and opportunities. Golden candle is associated with money and luck and works best for invoking angelic help, specifically for improving financial situation. This meditation is best done on a Sunday, but feel free to do it anytime you are in urgent need of financial assistance. Tip: Light the candle and incense with a match stick (avoid lighters) and blow them out with your hand and not breath. 

Once you have gathered the above, find a comfortable corner where you will not be disturbed for at least 20-30 minutes. Close your eyes and get into a deep relaxing state of mind. Take a few deep breaths and if you come across any thoughts that are bothering you, acknowledge them and gently let them go, bringing your focus back to your breath. Call upon your guardian angels and Archangels Auriel and Chamuel to be with you. Simply saying mentally, ‘I invite Archangels Auriel and Chamuel and my guardian angels to come and be with me right now’, will allow them to be with you instantly. You can now begin by asking the Archangels and your guardian angels to assist you in releasing any blocks or issues that surround your finances. Remember to take deep breaths during the process and with each exhale, release any fears, worries, negative conditioning about money. Even though logically some of you may wonder if this is really working or not, let go of your doubts and trust. As you slowly release these worries and fears, imagine them being replaced by a sense of security. Imagine what it feels like to be fully supported and to be living the life you desire. Imagine all your bills paid effortlessly and see yourself in your mind’s eye, enjoying a healthy bank balance. Experience the comfortable feeling of not having to worry about taking care of your loved ones and your needs. Get into the zone. Do it even if your external situation is completely opposite at this time and trust that God and the Angels are right beside you, working on releasing any negativity that surrounds your financial life. Stay in this meditative state for as long as you like and thank the Archangels and the Angels for being with you during this process and helping you. Know that by taking this little time out, you have done some heavy toxic release and opened the doors of manifestation.

Here’s an excellent guided meditation from Doreen Virtue that will help you heal your financial situation.

Break the old cycles and start a new one today. You deserve abundance. I hope this article helps you open your life to receiving blessings. Until next time.

Angel Blessings



  1. Mandy

    Can you add a Pinn it button at the bottom.
    I would love to save your articles to read again.
    Thank you and thank you for your fantastic readings!!
    Much love flowing from me to you,

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