Angel Tarot message for 30th May, 2015

Three of Wands & Ask help from others


Things looks positive with the three of wands. A much awaited news comes to you. Some of you may have just started out a new business venture, which looks promising. Kudos for the good start! Be patient, as you have many more milestones to achieve and it will all come with time. Your relationships are improving. A wonderful opportunity may also bring you a chance to travel overseas or take your business to the next level, perhaps even bringing you recognition on a Global level. Your farsightedness is fetching you do-able ideas and achievable goals. Stay optimistic and know that you are closer to manifesting your desires than you think.


The Angels bring you some helpful guidance by suggesting that you be open and willing to ask for help from others. You already know who can help you on your path and previously, something could have stopped you from approaching them. This is the right time to seek out help in any form. Much growth and new insight comes to you through collaboration. Release any feelings of guilt or shame associated with taking this step. There is nothing wrong with involving others in your goals. Team work is what is needed now to maximize your outcome.

Angel Blessings


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