Angel Tarot message for 29th May, 2015

The Sun & Friendship


The Sun brings brightness and joy into our life today. It is time to awaken. The dawn is here, shedding more light on anything that was previously hidden or unclear. There is much jollification and playfulness in the air, with the influence of the Sun. New opportunities, improvement in relationships and new doors are opening for you. After the stuck energy of Hanged man, finally things have started moving. Expect good news. Children may also be a source of joy for you.


The Oracle message for today is friendship. This message is asking you to take time out of your busy schedule and catch up with old friends. You need this time to rejuvenate. Go out and do something fun today. If there are any issues or misunderstandings with your friends or a particular friendship, this is a favourable day to bring back peace. This message may also imply new friendships or rekindling of old ones. You may receive joyful news from your friends. Together, both the Sun and the Friendship message have plenty of goodness and excitement in store for you.

Angel Blessings


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