Angel Tarot message for 27th May, 2015

Hanged man and Blessed Change


Hanged Man repeats! The energy of feeling stuck is still in the air. When the same card repeatedly emerges, it definitely carries a stronger message. But since this card is accompanied by the ‘Blessed change’ oracle message, we can take heart that we won’t be living in suspension for too long. It’s interesting to see how both the figures in the cards are turned upside down. They have a different view of the world. Change will come if you turn your world around and see things differently. Your current methods are not too helpful and have created stagnation. New light will be shed on an old topic; something needs illumination in your life. You will either gain a valuable lesson or learn to see a situation from a different viewpoint.

Romance tip for the day – Flirt


Why not introduce some playfulness into a dull day and spice up your romantic life? The Romance Angels bring us the message to ‘flirt’. This doesn’t mean hurting or cheating your current partner. Instead, the emphasis is on introducing some fun into your existing relationships. Reignite the spark that may have gone missing. If you are seeking out a new relationship, take some time to get all decked out and extend your friendly energy to people. Meet new people and engage in conversations. This is an excellent way to make new friends and then, who knows?!

Angel Blessings


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