Angel Tarot message for 26th May, 2015

Hanged Man & Consult an Expert


Situations may seem stuck and if you are expecting a quick answer or resolution, you may find yourself in the waiting room. You may need to shift your perspective. If you are used to doing things in a particular manner or if you are relying on a single method to achieve your desired result, then Hanged man is asking you to try a completely opposite or different approach. Explore other avenues. This change in perspective will open a new way of viewing things and will bring you more insights. Some growth lessons come to us in the form of sacrifices and hardships. Your situation is here to teach you something.

Our oracle message for today is guiding us to consult an expert. This also fits in well with Hanged man. You may have exhausted all your resources and techniques, without much success and may be running short of ideas. The resolution to a dead end situation will come from seeking assistance. Admit to yourself that you may not have all the answers at times and it is best to receive guidance. Some of you may also need to take the next step and visit a counselor to deal with harrowing situations. If you are at the start of a new venture and find yourself in a deadlock, reach out to mentors or people who can help you. Get expert advise!

Angel Blessings


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