Angel Tarot message for 25th May, 2015

5 of Pentacles & Blessed Change


Today’s message comes to us from the five of pentacles card, which speaks about difficulties which are mainly related to finances. There may have been a loss or lack of money or abundance in your life. Abundance need not mean money alone, but could be related to anything that brings joy into your life, such as your relationships, work, children, spiritual path etc. You may also be finding it hard to come to agreement with someone. The path ahead may look dark and dreary. Feelings of not knowing where you are heading, are some of the most common influences. It would benefit you to spend wisely today avoid making risky investments, as losses are indicated. The saying, ‘save your pennies for a rainy day’ rings true today.

Keeping in mind that one of the attributes of the number 5 is ‘change’, our oracle message today is speaking of a blessed change coming our way. This is such a beautiful and reassuring message, which is telling us that the changes we are undergoing currently are bringing something better our way. So don’t worry and trust that everything will fall in place. How many times have you witnessed your plans going awry, only to bring something better along the way? Trust in God, Universe, the source, whatever you may call the one true power. Your angels are more than happy to help you transition smoothly during this change. Remember to keep calm and ask your Angels for guidance.

Angel Blessings


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