Weekly Angel Messages for 25th – 31st May, 2015

Hello everyone! I hope you are all sailing through Mercury Retrograde smoothly. Below is the coming week’s Angel reading for all of us. This is a general reading that focuses on what we can do to get the best out of the coming week. I have also pulled a message for Romance at the end. Please keep in mind that this is generic in nature and feel free to take away the positive message from it, even if you cannot find any resonance.

Monday & Tuesday – Accept Heaven’s Help


Such a beautiful message! If you have asked God and your Angels for help with a situation, then get ready to accept this help. Your prayers are heard and now you are receiving all the support you need. This could be in the form of new people you meet, new situations that turn out to be a blessing or resources that you can use. Sometimes, we tend to block this help by being difficult or by simply doubting if we really deserve it. Start being receptive. Don’t be shy to accept help from others. This is one of the ways how God answers your prayers. Your angels will ensure you meet the right people at the right time to help you. Let go of your ego and practice acceptance.

Wednesday & Thursday – Morning Affirmations


Positive affirmations are such a great way to start the morning. They set the tone for the day and raise your vibrations, allowing the universe to match up. If you have been practicing negative self-talk, then stop and start saying positive things about yourself and your situation. One thing I have learned over the years is that simply saying positive affirmations doesn’t help. You need to feel your desires being answered on a soul level. When you feel the joy of living your desired outcome, even when your environment is reflecting the opposite, you are sending out a loud and clear message to the Universe that you are ready to receive. Remain on this frequency and watch miracles occur in due time.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday – Stay Optimistic


Yes, it may seem difficult to stay positive and keep affirming even when you are not seeing any results. The Angels ask that you remain optimistic as this is a crucial stage. Many a time, we give up because the answers aren’t coming to us the way we expected. We remain so close to our manifestation and in the nick of time, we give up. This uplifting message is for all of you who are tempted to let negative emotions and doubts get the better of you. Don’t allow these fear and ego based energies to interfere with your manifestation. Instead, develop an optimistic outlook, especially during the weekend.

Message of Romance – Love yourself First


I so love this message. Many of us ask, when is the right time to meet the perfect partner? Why can’t they find love? Why do people walk away from them? Here is a beautiful message which is showing you the essence of love, which truly is to love yourself first. Love yourself enough to not let anybody put you down, take advantage of you or make you feel unloved. Learn to walk away from such unhealthy situations and people. Do you love yourself fully? Do you love the way you look? Do you love the way you dress? Or, are you always swimming in a pool of self-loathing thoughts? This week, make time to love yourself. When you start loving yourself, others will see the light in you and will get attracted to you like a magnet. Your life doesn’t depend upon others approval. Set your boundaries. Indulge in self-caring activities. It would benefit you to spend time alone and look after yourself and your needs.

I hope these messages enlighten your path and uplift you. I wish you all a blessed and joyful week ahead.

Angel Blessings


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