Angel Tarot message for 21st May, 2015



Love is in the air. There is a strong emphasis on Love and it’s various extensions, today. The answer to every conflict in your life is Love. The figure in the 8 of cups card is walking away, leaving 8 shiny cups behind. Maybe in search of something better, something meaningful. Some of you may feel the need to walk away from a situation that no longer brings you joy. It is good to explore and take this time out. Don’t worry about what you will find on your way. It is the journey that matters. Instead of viewing a situation through bitterness and resentment, forgive and let go. See past the mistakes and open your heart to absorb the beautiful pink light of love.

If your heart center is closed, you may be finding it difficult to experience inner peace. Have you bottled up your feelings? Notice any signs of anger, disappointment, guilt and sadness you have harbored. It is time to let go of these emotions, because they are not serving any purpose in your life. Once you release these toxic emotions, not only will you feel lighter, but you will also make way for better things to make way into your life. Make peace and let go! Everything has its purpose to serve in your life. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right.

Tip: If you feel heavy-hearted, take a moment to center yourself by taking several long deep breaths. While you inhale, imagine breathing in divine pink light and releasing dark, grey energy out. Do this a few times and visualize all that heavy, toxic energy leaving your body in this process, filling your heart with love, peace and comfort. Don’t forget! Your angels are just a ‘ask’ away.


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