Angel Tarot message for 20th May, 2015

Archangel Gabrielle

Theme of the day – Hermit
What to focus on – 4 of wands
What to avoid – 4 of swords


You may feel the need to disconnect and retreat today. You may prefer solitary moments to the company of others. While it is great to spend some alone time, today your energies and presence is needed elsewhere. Are you avoiding a celebration, event or a meeting with friends or loved ones? Go have fun! Your body and soul need this outside connection. This is a great time to discuss your plans and get a second opinion from others about an important matter. You alone may not have all the answers and could possibly miss out on the finer details.

Some of you are also being directed towards spending time outdoors. The energies we are experiencing during Mercury retrograde are intense and even though your body needs a nap or break from time to time, confining yourself within the four walls of your home or office won’t do you much good today. You need fresh, country air, especially if you are feeling sick, low or feeling drained, too often. With a repetitive 4, you can either let your limitations hold you back or break them to expand your views.

Angel message – Archangel Gabrielle


Archangel Gabrielle is here to remind you of the importance of communication today. Going with the theme above, talking things out is essential to clear away doubts, gain a deeper perspective and introduce yourself to new concepts and ideas. If your work involves communication and you are facing difficulties in expressing yourself, call upon Archangel Gabrielle to assist with this area. Gabrielle will help you release any insecurities and fears that are stopping you from voicing your opinions. For some of you, communication and arts may play an important role in determining a life purpose.

Talk away! Angel Blessings



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