Angel Tarot message for 19th May, 2015


Theme of the day – 2 of swords
What to focus on – Judgement
What to avoid – Devil


Today’s theme speaks about making important choices. But look at the woman in the 2 of swords card. She looks confused, unable to see what is in front of her and is unwilling to do anything about it. Are you feeling lost and confused about making the right choice today? Sooner or later, you will have to face this decision making. Just because you choose not to act now, doesn’t mean that answers will appear on their own. Don’t let fear take over. Judgement card is asking you to review the choices in hand. Something old has to be given up in order to welcome something new. The answer lies in accepting this new path. To get going from the place you are at to the place where you want to be. Give yourself a second chance.

The influence of the Devil is what might be keeping you from tapping into your potential. The couple in the Devil card are chained, although they can remove these chains and make a choice to escape their present situation, which seemingly looks dark and gloomy. What fears are holding you back from adopting change? In what ways are you feeling incompetent and helpless? If you look close enough, you are very much in control of your life and the choices that you have to make. Perhaps, the time has to come for you to realize this and break the chains.

Angel message – Arielle


The message from the Angels is asking you to pay attention to your psychic abilities. Lately, you have been getting clues and signs about what you should do. You may have dismissed them, thinking they are simply a fragment of your imagination. But, wait! They are not! You are opening yourself up to divine guidance. Some of you are receiving repetitive thoughts and messages to make a change. Through prayer, meditation and reflection, you will sharpen your abilities to hear your inner guidance and messages from your angels and guides. Pay attention to this beautiful inner voice today, that is both calming and reassuring. Your higher self is always available to show you the right path.

Angel Blessings


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