Angel Tarot message for 18th May, 2015


Theme of the day – Five of wands
What you focus on – 4 of wands
What you should avoid – Page of Wands


People, people and more people. Get ready for a busy day ahead. With all members of the wands suit appearing today, the energies indicate that today is going to be anything but dull. Mercury retrograde has started and here’s our theme of the day which shows us conflicts, arguments and difference of opinions. You may be having a hard time getting your point of view across to others. There is competition in the air and you will be trying your best to sustain this battle of proving your skills and yourself. If you are going for an interview, keep in mind that there are many other contenders eyeing for the job. What will set you apart is your personal strength and abilities. Assert yourself gently and do your best.

Four of wands and Page of wands are showing the importance of working within a group setting. Be a team person today and consider others point of view. Going solo may not work in your favor. Establish a common ground and work out your differences. If you are planning to leave the comfort of a secure environment and venture out on your own, then today’s message is asking you to take a moment and review all the pros and cons of this decision. You may need some additional information, or, it simply may not be the right time to proceed.

Angel Message – Athena 


Guardian Angel Athena brings us a beautiful message that weaves this completes message, so well. Athena reminds us of our power. Yes, indeed you are powerful and have your own pluses and minuses. You may have a better way of dealing with situations. However, instead of exercising your power in a forceful manner, adopt a gentler and calmer way of sharing your ideas. Once again, this is not the day to be aggressive but to remember the old adage – United we stand, divided we fall. Avoid anger and heated debates, Make peace your mantra.

Angel Blessings


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