Angel Message for 17th May, 2015

Release and Surrender & Omega


With Mercury retrograde just around the corner, you maybe experiencing some intense energies interfering with your day to day tasks. With the double effect of Gemini this month, communication is the area that can present the most challenge. It is common to see arguments arising due to miscommunication and you may even feel overwhelmed with all the changes.

Today’s message is focusing upon releasing worries, stress and challenges that you are holding onto tightly. You maybe trying to handle too many things at once and this can leave you feeling drained and weary. Here is a gentle reminder for you to release and give these worries to heaven and/or your angels. You don’t have to deal with everything on your own. This message is also telling you that sometimes it is best to let things be, than force a change. You don’t have to feel alone and burdened. We prevent our gifts to come our way by being hell-bent on fixing things ‘our’way. There is help available, once you have made the choice of letting the divine source (GOD) handle your worries. If you find yourself feeling angry, frustrated or tired, try taking some deep breaths, inhaling divine white light from source and exhaling dark, grey negative energy. This will help you center yourself and bring your attention back to the task at hand.

Omega card is a breath of fresh air and a promise that your desired outcome is on its way. You are doing a good job and are urged to stay on this path. Yes, there are temporary problems and roadblocks that keep appearing on your path, but these are ‘temporary’ and don’t let them thwart your faith and distract your focus from your goals. Like the beautiful Unicorn on the image of this card, stay strong and move forward. Release your doubts and challenges and a fruitful outcome is yours, rest assured.

Angel Blessings


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