Angel Tarot message for 16th May, 2015


Theme of the day – High Priestess
What to do – King of Wands
What to avoid – Page of wands


Very clearly, today is the day to act. Stop spending too much time thinking and take action. You already have the answers you are looking for. If you don’t, take a peek within and ask yourself, what is the best course of action for you today? What makes you feel at peace? What changes are needed today in order to set things in motion? The delays you are experiencing could be a result of your own lack of motivation. You want change, but what are you doing to bring this change into your life?

Your advise today is to take a stand, confidently. There is still a part of you that is unsure of whether to take any action now or spend more time thinking and waiting. Today is not the day to take baby steps and experiment, but to be self-assured and move headlong. Trust in yourself.

Angel message – TIME TO GO


I love the way the Angels back up the Tarot messages. A situation has reached full circle in your life and it is now time to leave. Don’t worry if you are experiencing the sunset in your life. Know that the sun will rise again and that something new is in the horizon. Archangel Azrael or even Jesus, can help you make a smooth transition with any changes you encounter today. If you have been waiting for the right, well, the right time is here.


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