Angel Tarot message for 15th May, 2015



Theme for today – 3 of swords. You may be feeling upset or disappointed today. Things may not be going as you planned. Something has hurt you and you can clearly feel the pain of this loss. While this energy looks dark and dismal, don’t stop yourself from acknowledging this pain. Most of us have the habit of sweeping pain under the rug and it comes back to bite us at a later stage. Instead, face it and allow healing to take place.

What you should focus on – Chariot. Couldn’t have asked for a better card. Pick up the pieces and move on. Take control of your life and get a hold of your emotions. Discipline is required today. Even in the face of distractions, your focus is needed to get the job done. Moving on is your best bet. Don’t let distractions cause you to miss your blessings.

What you should avoid – Justice. Don’t be a victim of guilt trip. Don’t over-analyse and blame yourself for what happened. Avoid the Karmic rigamarole and keep in mind what the Charioteer is asking you to do – Move ahead! At the same time, avoid any dishonesty and don’t shift the blame to others. Understand and accept your responsibilities and know that you always have a choice. Our reality is the answer to our past choices. Accept your present situation, instead of ‘dodging the bullet’.

Angel Message – Creative project


The Angels ask you to engage in a creative project that you may have procrastinated in the past. Spend time indulging in a hobby or fine-tuning your talents. You may have underestimated your skills in the past, especially if you have been thinking of making a meaningful career out of what you enjoy doing. Do your best and stop worrying about not having enough experience. Silence the voice inside that tells you that you CAN’T do it. Instead, focus on what you CAN do, now. The Universe will respond in kind.

Angel Blessings


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