Angel Tarot message for 14th May, 2015



Theme for today – Page of cups. This wonderful messenger of happy, emotional news is here to light up your day with themes such as friendship, new love, creative expression, intuitive ideas, etc. Pages are messengers of Tarot and so, you may receive some positive news today. Also pay attention to any creative thoughts, ideas or intuitive messages that come to you. You may come across friendly people or someone, who is kind, generous and helpful. You may also be starting a new project, which is emotionally fulfilling. This is a great step forward and will bring you favourable results, provided you continue to pour your creativity into it and rely on your intuition to guide you.

What to focus on – Temperance. Healing energy surrounds you. This is a great day to reconcile and let go of any past judgments Exercise moderation and avoid going to the extremes. What part of your life needs balancing? You can reach your goals, but one step at a time. Perhaps, you are overdoing something off-late and this is a wakeup call to give equal attention to other areas of your life.

What to avoid – Three of Wands. Practice letting go of any control issues and let the Universe figure out a way for you. Your plans have a higher chance of success, if you stay optimistic and have faith. Once you learn to let go and surrender, everything falls in place and miraculous solutions will appear. Partnerships will do well if you express your ideas and are clear about your visions. Don’t give up hope as the results you are expecting are not too far from being fulfilled.

Fairy message – Holiday


Today’s message comes from Doreen’s Magical messages from the Fairies deck. It is great if you are taking sometime out for yourself and your loved one’s by going on a vacation. But if you cannot afford one right now, this card is asking you to take frequent breaks to relax and rejuvenate yourself. Connecting with nature is the best way to unwind and de-stress. However, you can also practice some deep breathing from time to time and center yourself. Pay attention to Temperance card above, which is asking you to strike a healthy balance today. Moreover, the fairies say that this short break will bring clarity, ideas and messages to you, which is what our Page of cups is here to tell us.

Angel Blessings


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