Angel Tarot message for 12th May, 2015

Have Confidence


Theme of today – Lovers. Love and relationships has been a theme for most of the readings in the past few days. We have the Lovers representing the energies of today, which reminds us of our relationships, communication, making choices and of course, following our heart. What decisions are pending in your life that involve some of the most important relationships? What choices do you have in front of you today? Are you going to choose something that gives you temporary satisfaction or go for the option that brings you peace and love in the long run? These are some of the questions to reflect on. Alternatively, if you are starting a new journey with someone, know that this union is a blessing.

What to focus on today – Two of cups. Another card that loudly speaks about partnerships. This could be any partnership and is not limited to romantic unions alone. You may have issues resolving some conflicts with someone. If your ego is stopping you from making amends in this association, then this card is asking you to dissolve any misunderstandings and be willing to offer love and reconciliation. Focus on love. Focus on healing.

What to avoid – Five of pentacles. While two of cups above is asking us to focus on amending our relationships, five of pentacles shows us how our ego and misunderstandings could be sabotaging our relationships. This is where the Lovers card is reminding us to be open in our communication. Help is available. There is still hope, but you may have narrowed down your vision, blocking any chances of seeing things clearly and mending your relationships. You don’t have to walk the path of suffering and pain. Seek help. Look around! There is still a beacon of hope.

Angel Message – Have Confidence.


What a beautiful card to receive! Many of us struggle with having confidence in our own abilities and expect the worse all the time. Today’s message is asking you to release some of these false beliefs about your talents and capabilities and to act with courage. Giving up is not the solution. Your angels are waiting to help lift your spirits to a higher place, if you are willing to let them assist you. Be bold and face any challenging situation with audacity. Yes, you can do it! Ignore the little voice of your ego and fear that tells you otherwise.

Angel blessings.


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