Angel Tarot message for 11th May, 2015

Break the chains and set yourself free


The theme of the day – Devil. Today’s theme is mainly concerned with identifying self-limiting bondages and beliefs that have victimised you. Go deeper within yourself and ask, what negative conditioning is holding you back from moving forward? There may be opportunities that you want to pursue, but you feel trapped. Overcome this fear that is chaining you. It is a matter of will power and understanding that nothing can hold you back, but your mind. If you are battling some kind of addiction, then today is an excellent day to work on releasing yourself from dependency issues. Break the chains. You can set yourself free.

What to focus on – Knight of Pentacles. Focus on the opportunities in the material world that look promising. Take the first step towards your goal. Yes, this venture looks promising. It may develop slowly, but it is worth the efforts and try. Have the willingness to go in a new direction.

What to avoid – Three of swords. The traditional ‘heartbreak’ card is showing us how you may be feeling sad, disappointed or even hurt about something that has occurred in your past. This situation is your block and the only way to overcome it, is to allow yourself to heal and get over it! Put any past setbacks/failures behind and concentrate on this new journey that awaits you.

Angel Message: Opal


You may be worried about your children’s well-being and today, Opal is here to assure you that your little ones are looked after and protected from any harm. This also applies to your children, who may have passed on the otherside at an early age. You may also want to spend some time with your children today. These moments will bring you closer, clear any misunderstandings and deepen your bond.

Angel Blessings


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