Weekly Angel messages for 11th – 17th May, 2015


You are embarking on a new adventure and this week will bring divinely directed changes into your life. Yes, these changes are opening new avenues for you, which you may not be able to tell immediately. Some of you will also notice that your old ways, interests and habits are being replaced by a new way of living. Don’t be afraid of this transition. If you have questioned your ideas or beliefs in the past, then this week you are urged to express them, without doubting yourself. A creative venture will bring you inner satisfaction. You will realize that life holds more meaning, when you follow your passion, without worrying about others opinions. Travel is on the cards.


Some important, life-impacting choices lie in front of you this week, awaiting your decision. Even if one seems irresistible, ask yourself if this is going to bring you satisfaction in the long run. This is a beautiful week to work on your relationships. Communication is the key and so is being assertive. Learn to say ‘no’ gently. Speak your truth even if a situation seems intimidating. If you are tired of pouring your energies into something that is not bringing you results, then it is time to reconsider. This includes your relationships with other people. Maintain healthy relationships with people and ensure there is balance in the give and take and avoid people who are trying to take too much advantage of your nice-ness.


If you have held onto a situation for too long, hoping and praying that things would turn around, then this week is giving you a wakeup call. It is time to move on and let your past go. The burden that you carry from the past is coming in the way of your progress and you are missing out on the many adventures that life has in store for you. There may already be a new opportunity in front of you. Take the risk and jump into the unknown. Yes, the sun sets and rises and so do the avenues in your life. If a past experience is holding you from entering a new one, then know that you have heaven’s protection and don’t be scared to dive straight in.


This week, you may be involved in a legal situation that  includes signing new contracts or paperwork. Pay attention to details and don’t forget to double-check the fine print. With Karma being the theme of this week, be prepared to reap what you have sown. On a positive note, this means efforts from your past will be rewarded. Worries related to finances can be healed if you surrender your concerns to heaven and ask for help from the divine. Act on the new ideas you receive that are linked to abundance. Wave goodbye to your past and move forward to explore new options.


A busy week for Leo with many events, opportunities and travel lined up. There is so much going on for you, that it may be hard to tell what option to go with. Look closely at each option. Don’t hesitate to get an expert’s opinion before you proceed. One of the ways the Universe and our angels communicate to us is through signs. These include repetitive visions, feelings, thoughts and sometimes certain objects that bring us an important message. This week, you will receive ample signs that will bring some answers to you. Do not dismiss them. Remember that gut feeling? Go with it! Celebrations are on the cards, especially a wedding. This is also an excellent week to discuss the topic of marriage.


If you are wondering whether this is the right time to make a big move or choice, then the message for you is a resounding YES. This week brings you the perfect time to move forward with your plans. Whether this is a new course you always wanted to take up, a new venture or a new direction in your life, go for it! News of pregnancy is also highlighted. Some of you may have conceived a new idea, which holds the potential to bring success and needs nurturing and care. Again, do not hesitate to bring it to fruition. It may take time to see the results, but ideas set in motion now, will reap wonderful rewards in future.


After a challenging situation, you now have all the facts and are ready to start something new. What previously was unclear will be made clear this week. This also means some harsh truth coming to the surface. Don’t spend too much time contemplating and follow this new path. All doors are open and the timing is just about right. If some of you are concerned about finding a meaningful career or your life purpose, then remember to stay focused on service and pay attention to the task in hand at present. You will naturally attract the right people and situations in your life, that will bring you closer to your life purpose.


You are in the limelight this week Scorpio. Your plans may have taken a little detour and you may feel confused and wonder, what’s happening. Don’t worry about the outcome and know that what appears to be a problem is actually part of an answered prayer. There are many blessings in disguise for you this week. Trust in God’s protection and continue to do your best, believing that everything will fall in place, eventually. Pay attention to some great opportunities that allow you to shine and express your views. Your magnetism and charisma will captivate people. Act on your inspirations, as the doors are open for you and you have all the support that you need.


This is a week where dreams comes true for Sagittarius. Something that you always wanted becomes yours. You also get to celebrate love in all its forms. Singles may find love and if you have waited for a suitable partner for marriage, this week could bring that person to you. Stay positive and surround your thoughts with the energy of love. It maybe time you let the Universe know what exactly you want in a partner. Wedding bells are ringing for some of you. A situation with a family member needs to undergo healing. Open your heart to this healing energy and learn to let bygones be bygones.


This week reminds Capricorn to take a break from their hectic lives and indulge in some fun activities. You maybe overworked and stressed out. Nothing beats this stress more than spending time outdoors and doing something you’ve always wanted to do. Think of any activity that brings joy to you. Your relationship with yourself is most important this week. Let go of any harsh judgements or painful thoughts you have harboured about yourself. You maybe clinging onto some unpleasant memories from the past. Release it and enjoy the freedom that comes from dropping this old burden.

You may be doing some soul-searching this week, trying to figure out what your life purpose is here on earth. It is possible that you are looking for a meaningful career that you enjoy, while being able to pay your bills. Your guardian angel’s advice to you is to simply ASK for their assistance. Asking for help and guidance is the first big step that sends the message to the cosmos that you are willing to accept support. You will benefit from spending time alone in self-reflection or close to the soothing energy of a water body such as a beach, lake, ocean, etc. It is during this time of self-reflection that you will find answers and signs to the questions that are concerning you at this time.


Time to say ‘good bye’ to the old and ‘hello’ to the new. What needs to be released from your life this week, Pisces? Be more accepting of yourself and your situations. You cannot control everything and sometimes, the best thing to do is to simply accept yourself and the situations, instead of forcing a change. Allow healing to take place and take a moment to let go of any negative thoughts you have held against yourself or others. Your angels communicate with your through signs this week, so pay attention to any repetitive thoughts and feelings. Let your inner wisdom reveal the best steps you can take to handle your situation.


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