Angel Tarot message for 10th May, 2015

There’s Nothing To Worry About


Today’s energy is represented by the 2 of cups card, which reminds us of the beautiful energies of love, union, companionships, partnerships, etc. Your personal relationships are undergoing a healing phase. Any former misunderstandings are cleared, making way for renewed faith. This message is not just limited to romantic union, but also implies to other partnerships, such as business, friendship, etc. This is a day to celebrate together-ness.

What you should focus on – The 6 of wands card is giving us the ‘go-ahead’ signal to move forward with the prospects of this day. Remember to take this opportunity and start a new journey. You have emerged victoriously, after a tough time, so bask in the glory and be proud of your achievements. Keep moving forward!

What you should avoid – 5 of cups is clearly showing us how clinging onto the past and focusing on the loss is stopping us from moving forward. A change or sudden turn of events in the past, didn’t quite turn out the way you expected things to go. But are you going to let this stop you from exploring your life? There is still a lot you can salvage, if you look around. So, pay attention to the message from the 6 of wands and keep marching on.

Angel Message for today – There’s Nothing To Worry About


I love this message from Archangel Michael. If you are worried about a particular situation, this message is your sign of reassurance to trust God and know that everything is under control. It is important that you stay positive and keep breathing love into your thoughts and situations, to ensure the best outcome. The energy of worry carries fear, and these low vibrations block our progress and attract undesirable outcome. Ask the angels to release any tension you are holding onto. Stop worrying and start living!

Happy Mother’s day to all you wonderful moms in the world & Angel Blessings


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