Angel Tarot message for 9th May



Big changes and movements are in the pipeline today. While some of you may be traveling to a different city or a country, some of you may be moving away from something in the quest for a new challenge. So what do we keep in mind today? First, remember to stay focused on your goals. Get disciplined if you have to bring your plan to fruition. Identify when you are getting distracted and gently pull yourself back and focus again. Keep the eye on the prize. Some of you may also have to make a tough decision of leaving the familiar and venturing out into the unknown. This is an exciting and positive journey, so don’t hesitate.

It is time for you to become a little selfish today, keeping in mind what is best for you and to know when someone is taking too much advantage of your naivety. Manage your finances well and avoid any unnecessary spending, especially today, as the temptation maybe high. Learn to delegate tasks or take each assignment one by one. Handling two things at the same time will result in sloppy outcome.

The Angels have a wonderful message for all us today – Joy. They are reminding you to not forget how important it is to stay happy and in the vibration of joy. Let go of the need to control and enjoy the journey. A joyful outlook will attract positive results to you like a magnet. The Angels can help you bring more joy into your life, if you ask. If you are stuck between two options, then choose the one that creates a feeling of happiness and excitement within you. JOY is your keyword. Stay in this happy vibration and see your stress and worries melt away.


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