Angel tarot message for 8th May 2015

The High Priestess & Rosetta


Today is the day to observe and hold yourself back to think things through clearly, if you are feeling a bit antsy and impulsive. The answers you seek are within you and your inner guidance is sending you signs and signals. Pay heed to these thoughts, feelings and visions. Instead of looking for answers outside, tune within. It may not be the right time to make decisions based on limited information. You need more information and this will be revealed to you in time or through investigation. Someone you trust and confide in, may also have some important guidance to offer you at this time. Take note.

The Angel of children is here to indicate that your day may involve working closely with children and offering young people, guidance. Being in an environment surrounded by children brings healing to you, as it also brings out your own inner child to play. Some of you may have a life purpose that involves helping children and working for a cause that supports kids in need. Today is a great day to practice parenting and counselling. Share your wisdom with people around you and remember to have fun. Your inner child needs to play too, sometimes. If your children have felt ignored for a while, then take this opportunity to spend some quality time with them.

Angel Blessings


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