Angel Tarot message for 7th May, 2015

The Lovers & Archangel Michael


Some important life-changing decisions need to be made today. These decisions will impact your life positively, however, you maybe finding yourself confused at this time. Some of you may also need to pick between two options. This is the time to follow your passion, hear the calling of your heart and choose that which resonates with your feelings. This is divine timing and you have heaven’s protection and help, while making these life altering changes. Archangel Michael is here to offer his guidance and give you courage and the green signal to move ahead.  If you are concerned about your safety and protection, ask Michael to shield you from any harm and to help you bring about these changes smoothly, one step at a time.

The Lovers also brings to mind love and relationships. What changes are your relationships undergoing? With yesterday’s energies, you have either made up your mind to embrace a new beginning or decided to work towards improving your existing relationships. The choice is yours and you know what is best for you. Remember that you have angelic assistance available to you at any time of the day or night. Archangel Michael can support with your plans by cutting any negative energetic cords that you hold attached to a certain person and clear away negative energy from your relationships. Just ask. Also a great day to welcome new love or meet a special person. Attraction can make your heart flutter.



  1. Spiros

    Have a smooth day Sonya ! I’m Spiros Tsaconas from Greece .. .& by reading the above , i’m happy for you & your mission in life ! ”deep meanings at peoples life , are so well hidden in oceans of conception ..that a depth like that , can only be approached by talent..that , of will !” i hope to hear from ”sound” serious…


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