Angel Tarot message for 6th May, 2015

5 of Pentacles and Chantall


Today’s message is steering our attention towards relationship issues. There maybe frictions and misunderstandings in your current relationship with someone and you may not be able to see eye to eye or let go of your differences. It is also possible that a certain relationship is not what it seemed initially and the current turmoil has left you feeling victimized. The message from the Angels today comes through guardian angel, Chantall, who is asking you to observe your relationships closely. Is there an equal exchange of giving and receiving in your relationships? Have you been giving too much to someone to the point that you are feeling taken advantage of or vice versa? The Angels ask you to strike a healthy balance in your personal relationships today.

Chantall also brings us happy news related to our romantic life. Perhaps, it is time to let go of a situation or person who is not right for you and make room for someone new. You already know if this relationship is worth salvaging. Some of you simply need to re-ignite the flame that is missing. Stay open to giving and receiving love. Ask for angelic guidance in helping you resolve any conflict with gentleness and love. If you are wondering, when in the world are you going to find love, then pay attention to the guidance you receive from your angels or your inner self. Are you prepared to receive love? This guidance may also involve taking baby steps to improve your lifestyle such as hitting the gym, watching your diet and welcoming new changes which will attract a like minded partner into your life.



  1. mbnsyed

    Hi Sonnyaa,  Just got to know about your page and readings. I looked at yesterday’s reading for myself which dealt the 9 of Swords and Azure, and the reading for me was spot on and it uplifted my spirits the whole of yesterday and this morning, until I read today’s reading which was 5 of Pentacles and Chantall. Now my anxiety levels have been very high since the last two years and the reading for the 5th really gave me a lot of hope, while getting today’s reading has brought me down with a thud. Could you help give me a perspective. Am really troubled. ThanksMubeen Syed

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    • tarotwithsonnyaa

      Hello Mubeen, the readings talk about the energy of the day. That’s why they have the word ‘maybe’ because not everyone will experience what is written in the message. Most importantly, today’s message is talking of various things. Logically, all these meanings will not apply to each and every person. Look at the angel message. It says ‘new love or a reignited passion in an existing relationship is imminent’. This is not saying that everything will go haywire and that you should lose hope. These messages act as guidance to people who maybe experiencing difficulty in their personal lives today and to stay positive and hopeful with the angelic message. I hope this helps! Besides, please don’t take these as predictions as tarot to me is a tool of guidance, which offers a whole range of truth and solution to issues.



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