Angel Tarot message for 5th May, 2015

9 of swords & Azure


Worry maybe plaguing your mind about a particular situation and you maybe trying too hard to fix everything. Some of these thoughts are not even based on reasoning and exist only on your mind. This is detrimental to your mental health and well-being and is also making room for unpleasant self-fulfilling prophecies. You need to break out of this negative conditioning. Stop panicking and ask yourself, how realistic are you about these worries? Are you letting your emotions get the best of you? Are you blowing things out of proportion in your mind and imagining all the things that don’t even exist?

The Angels send you a message of hope with guardian angel, Azure. Stop trying to force things to happen and be patient. Yes, your desired outcome is about to manifest sooner than you know. What you are asking for will come true, but your fear, anxiety, worry and paranoia is blocking this manifestation. Your angels want you to ask them to help lift any negative thoughts surrounding your situation right now. The more you are centered in faith, the closer you get to manifestations.

So make the decision to break out of your worries and replace it with faith and positive affirmations, allowing God to intervene and your angels to buoy your faith.  In other words, let go and let God.


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