Ask your angels a question

Hey everyone! I designed a generic Angel message reading for everyone, asking the angels to give us accurate guidance. This is fun and simple and can be used by anyone. So, let me know how it goes and have fun! If you need a personalized reading, feel free to drop me a mail or message and book a reading. Follow the below steps to reveal your Angel message.


  1. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to relax yourself.
  2. Ask your guardian angels or any specific angel you like, a question. You can also ask any spiritual master or God to answer your question too. If you don’t have a question at this time, you can simply ask for a message.
  3. Open your eyes and notice the number that first draws your attention. This may not be a favorite number. Trust your first choice.
  4. Scroll down to read the meaning. The messages may seem generic to some of you and if the below interpretation does not make any sense, read the description on the card and relate to the thoughts, feelings and answers that come to your mind. This is your intuition, bringing answers to you.

    A word of caution, please do not base health advise on this reading. For any serious ailment or health related matter, always seek medical assistance.

1) Oceana – What you’re asking for is coming about, but it needs you to act first. You may have been scared to take the plunge for various reasons, even though deep down you know the answer to this situation. This is the time to assert yourself lovingly. Don’t hold back and continue to move forward. You may not have a plan or all the answers right now. Still, have faith and take the first step. Answers will come once you take action. Are you contributing your bit in this situation? Take the right steps!

2) Astara – This situation may not be in your favor. But take heart and know that you deserve the best. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Yes, you deserve more than what you’re settling in for. You may have settled for less in the past, but you need to break out of that conditioning now. There is something much better in store for you. If you need more information, consult an expert or someone who can offer you an objective point of view.


3) Rochelle – Your intuition is guiding you in the right direction and you already have the answers to this question. Follow the guidance you receive. Your financial hardships are nearing an end. Work with your angels to give you clear signs on your next step and follow this guidance. This may appear to you in the form of vision, thoughts, feelings or signs.


4) Francesca – Your negativity is the biggest culprit in this situation as it is blocking your progress. Lift your thoughts to positive vibrations in order to attract positive results. Before you ask ‘what next?’, ask yourself what you really want and visualize it in your minds eye. Pass this thought to your angels or the universe. Your answer lies in your decision. Decide first what you truly want.

5) Serephina – A change is in the horizon. You are going through a period of adjustment right now. All may not be clear but when the dust settles, you will have a clearer picture. Something new is on it’s way. Ask the angels to help you stay positive during this chaotic phase. Trust that everything will fall in place and very soon you will see things for what its worth. Be patient.


I hope you had fun and received accurate messages that resonated with you. Do share your thoughts and comments below.

Angel Blessings


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