Angel Tarot message for 4th May, 2015

Ten of swords & Affirmations


Something is nearing an end today, and maybe not in a way you had hoped for. This is a long-standing issue which was mentally straining and had you worked up for weeks. You maybe feeling fearful, anxious or even hurt. What is important to note is that this end is making room for something new and positive. Yes, it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel right now, but you have to place trust in the universe. Finally, a difficult phase is behind you and you can begin all over again, with renewed energy and faith in the power above. For some of you, today maybe a wake up call to let go of something that is causing you grief, pain, bringing negativity into your life or simply the time to bid adieu. Your angels and spiritual beings are always around to comfort and ease your pain during this process.

As a matter of fact, their message for you today is ‘Affirmations’ and I am delighted to see the crescent moon in the card. *hint hint* Most of us have read, heard or even experienced the power of affirmations. Today is an ideal day to start, if you have not so far, practicing positive affirmations. You can either speak it out loud or mentally affirm to yourself anything that you want to attract in your life. This could be a better paying job, improvement in your financial situation, a new relationship or seeing yourself out of a difficult situation, affirmations work great and are your way of telling the universe what you really want. Pay attention. It is about ‘what you really want’ and not what you DON’T want. So discard negative self-talk or a dull way of viewing life and get charged up to let the Universe know what you desire.

Tip for today: Since it’s full moon today, I also recommend doing a full moon meditation, focusing on any area of your life and universally sending out your prayers to overcome any challenge you maybe facing at this time. As the moon wanes each day, visualize your problems dissolving with the moonlight. I have posted a full moon meditation from Doreen Virtue below, to get you started. Have a blessed day ahead and Happy full moon everyone.


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