Angel Tarot message for 2nd May, 2015

Ten of wands and Archangel Raphael


A busy day with lots of work and pending tasks. You maybe feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibilities and duties on your to-do list. Remember to delegate some of your work. You don’t have to take on everything single-handedly. It is also possible that some of you maybe feeling stressed with a series of never-ending assignments. Muster your inner strength and remember that you are closer to reaching your goals than you realize. Now is not the time to give up. It would also help to indulge in acts of self-care today. Think massage, reiki or any other way of pampering yourself.

Archangel Raphael’s energy is so evident these days and today, the Angelic realm is reminding you to call upon this beautiful, compassionate and healing Archangel to bring healing into your life., especially today if you’re feeling weary and stressed. Archangel Raphael is popularly known as the healing angel and he is willing to work with you in alleviating any physical or emotional challenge you maybe facing at this time. Meditate and visualize yourself immersed in emerald green light when working with Raphael.

If you have been enthusiastic about learning healing or alternative medicine, Raphael is here to guide you. Call upon his presence and ask for assistance with helping you choose the right people, course or study material pertaining to any form of healing and know that he will be with you in an instant, willing to illuminate your path.



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