Angel Tarot message for 30th April, 2015

Queen of swords & Raye


In someway, you are in a position of judging or being judged today. The queen is also representative of a strong, intelligent and prudent woman in your life who will help bring clarity and clear-cut solutions your way. She delivers news without beating around the bush and her advice is worth heeding. You may also want to adopt these traits in order to tackle situations today. Any wishy-washy deals will be exposed. Your advise is to pay close attention to details, especially when signing contracts or dealing with paperwork. Be assertive and have confidence in yourself. Be clear about what you need without sounding demanding.

The Angels are directing our focus towards yoga and other forms of exercise today. We all seek peace in our lives and there are days when we feel stagnant, energy-wise. It is important to move our physical bodies to feel active and energised, which in turn will help us feel more excited towards achieving our goals. If you, like most people, lead a very busy life, ask the Angels to assist you with organising your schedule and making time to engage in any form of exercise. They promise that you will end up feeling rejuvenated, electrified and alive, being able to get more work done in the hours available. Not only will this guidance help you lead a healthy life, but will also take you forward in your spiritual practice.

PS – As you end April and welcome May 2015, make yourself a commitment to improvise your mental and physical well-being.


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