Angel Tarot message for 29th April, 2015

Four of cups & Leila


Both the cards for today are highly indicative of rest and rejuvenation. Your soul is tired and longs for peace and tranquility. There maybe a lot of activity going on in your life, leaving you drained. Today, the Angels ask that you spend some time alone in contemplation or meditation. Being close to nature will work wonders for your body and mind, even if it is only for a brief time. Whether this is a park, your own garden or any other place filled with trees and flowers.

Some of you may feel the lack of energy and motivation to carry on with your day to day task. There is a sense of dissatisfaction with what was and is and you need something new to stimulate you. Your Angels can help revive and reignite the extinguished passion, but it is important that you recharge your batteries first. If life has been stuck and boring for a while, a new opportunity or perspective will get you started all over again. Stay open to embracing these new opportunities, ideas and beginnings. Give you desires and intentions to the Angels while you relax.


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