Angel Tarot message for 28th April, 2015

The Sun and Grace & Antoinette


After the dark and confusing energy of the moon yesterday, the Sun brings clarity today. This is a day of great progress, joy and initiation. Issues will be resolved in your favor. You receive clarity and information that will change your perception for the good. New opportunities, new romance, marriage and a successful outcome are some of the keywords to define the energy for today. A positive, new phase is just around the corner. The Sun card also brings you a word of caution to avoid overdoing anything in life and to understand your limitations. Anything done in excess can have detrimental effects.

The Angels want you to focus your energy on healing a situation in your life, especially if you have had a fall out with someone recently or judged someone harshly in the recent past. Try to understand the other person’s point of view and be compassionate and forgiving. What relationship or situation needs to heal in your life today? Let go of your ego and make amends.

Together with the Sun card, look forward to a happy time today, by letting bygones be bygones and seeing the good in others. Forgive, release and move forward, dropping ego, anger, fear and any other lower level energy from your life.


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