Angel Tarot message for 27th April, 2015

The Moon and Focus on service



Moon influences our emotions, our subconscious mind and relates to the unseen, the unknown and the mysterious. It is also the ruler of Monday. There maybe a sense of confusion in the air today and lack of clarity can make it hard to see and understand things clearly. Your psychic abilities are enhanced. Stay open to receiving signs through your feelings, thoughts and visions. Don’t disregard what your inner voice is telling you. For some of you, your dreams maybe carrying an important message.

It is best to avoid making decisions when you don’t have all the information available. Additionally, chances are there is much more that needs to be revealed than what appears on the surface. Keep your emotions in check, as there is a tendency of feeling depressed, confused and erratic. It is highly likely that what you’re feeling right now could only be a mere illusion and with time, your perception will change.

The Angels bring us the message of focusing on service again. You are being called to be of service in anyway to people, your surroundings or even situations in your life. As long as your mission is to follow your heart and do your best, the rewards will follow. You don’t have to worry and force things to happen.


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