Angel Tarot message for 26th April, 2015

The Magician & Focus on Service


Act now; Start of a new project; Don’t worry about receiving, focus on giving; Take up voluntary work; Stop worrying about what others think and continue on your path, giving your best;

The Magician is here today, urging us to take action. The time is ripe to act on your inspirations. What ideas have you been receiving off late? What new move are you planning on executing? You have all the necessary support, resources and elements that will contribute to your success; however, there is a tiny roadblock on your path – fear of taking action. Break the spell of procrastination. Be open in your communication and have confidence in yourself. Also, an excellent day to take up any learning endeavours.

The Angels carry the message of focusing on service today. How many times have you worried about what you will receive instead of concentrating on what you are giving? Are you feeling anxious today, wondering how much money you will make, whether you will be successful or whether others will be more accepting of you? If you’re in a constant stream of getting worked up about the end result, then make changes to your attitude starting today. Use your talents and abilities to do what you do best. Concentrate on how you can serve others. Stop fretting over what you will receive and how. As the law of attraction goes, staying in the vibration of giving will automatically enable you to receive all the support you need, ensuring your success.

This message totally resonates with yesterday’s catastrophic earthquake that struck Nepal and parts of India. Let’s spend a moment today, praying for all the victims and their families who need our prayers, love, support and financial assistance.

Love and Light


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