When your angels ask that you release and surrender


We often hear these words and tell ourselves, ‘easier said than done’. I was contemplating on the message of this card, which has often showed up in the readings for others and myself included, when we are trying to control a situation or are worried sick about something. Let’s examine this message a little closely.

What exactly does it mean to release and surrender? Does this mean you give up? No! You’re not giving up because you can’t do it. Instead, you’re letting a superior force, which I would like to call God and some may even refer to as the ‘Universal force’, figure out the details. You cannot find answers to tricky situations and stay calm amidst the storm, when you are nervous, scared, overthinking and worrying about how your situation will be best resolved.

Having faith and letting go is such a difficult task for most of us and we sometimes take this advise with a pinch of salt. However, by letting go of your challenges and problems, you no longer let the worry eat you away and drain your energy. It is so important to stay in a level of high vibration all the time, because not only does it make you feel good, but it also attracts positive and high vibrational situations, people and solutions into your life. You also hear your angels messages and notice the signs more clearly. How many times have you noticed a skeptic or pessimist expecting the worse and getting exactly that in return? If you don’t receive the answer that you expected then learn to trust your Angels and believe that they are working towards delivering the best resolution for your situation. You need to be open to receiving divine help and learn to trust, which is equal to half the battle won.

So the next time you are at the end of your rope figuring out the details or caught up in a challenging situation, simply call upon your angels and ask them to assist you with finding the most optimal resolution to the situation. Let go of your worries and trust that everything will resolve in divine timing and that your prayers are being answered in the best possible way. It all starts with faith and when you decide to ask for divine intervention.

With special thanks to Archangel Gabriel.


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