Angel Tarot message for 25th April, 2015

Seven of Wands & Day Dream


You can do it; You have the skills and strength to overcome the obstacles; Be receptive to receiving ideas and solutions without trying too hard; Take a break;

It is time to give yourself a pat on the back for your accomplishments and for keeping the fire on. Minor obstacles maybe causing frustration and worry, but what’s important to remember, is how far you have come and that you are very much capable of overcoming these little bumps on your journey. Don’t be tempted to lose your cool and give up. Focus on your strengths and have confidence in your abilities.

Some of you may also experience a day with too much activity and chitter-chatter. If the busy-ness of your external life starts getting at you, consider taking a break and relax. The Angels bring us the message of Day dreaming and show us how having a relaxed mind can be beneficial. Don’t try too hard to find solutions or ideas. Instead, stay receptive and pay attention to how you feel, your thoughts or visions that come to you in the form of answers. A short nap could help recharge your batteries and refresh your mind.

Today is also an excellent day, energy-wise, to set realistic goals and focus on your dreams and desires. Dream big and let the Angels assist you in making this dream a reality. Let your imagination run wild!


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