Angel Tarot message for 24th April, 2015

Judgement & See Only Love


Forgive; Release and surrender; Welcome a new beginning; Trust the changes; Drop any harsh judgements about yourself or others;

The Angels send us the message of forgiveness, letting go and awakening today with a gentle reminder to incorporate love in all our actions. A new phase is dawning and it is important for you to release the remnants of your past that maybe holding you back from moving forward. An important change for the better is in the horizon.

Some of you maybe experiencing an awakening of mind, body and spirit. Let go of what was and welcome this new chapter with open arms. The Angels ask that we dissolve any harsh judgements about others or ourselves, replacing it with love and compassion. Focus on the good in every situation, person and yourself.

Center your attention on forgiveness today. Are you judging someone or yourself? Are you engaging in negative self-talk blaming your life, people or choices for your current situation? Forgiving doesn’t mean you’re condoning what happened, but simply choosing not to let the low vibration of the situation weigh you down and drain your energy. Give yourself a second chance. Give life a second chance. See only love.


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