Angel Tarot message for 23rd April, 2015

Empress and Have Confidence


Believe in yourself; A promise of harvest; Nurture yourself; Positive pregnancy news

Our message for today has a lot to do with paying attention to our nourishment, both internal and external. How well are you taking care of yourself, your body, diet, emotional health etc.? Dedicate time towards nurturing yourself and your dreams. Success maybe a little delayed, but it is guaranteed. So be patient.

It’s also a great day to expect abundance coming your way. This could take the form of financial blessings, a happy home or even good health. Great time to plan a family and favorable pregnancy news is also likely. Nurture your ideas today, no matter how small and insignificant they seem.

The Angels buoy your self-esteem by offering you the support and confidence needed at this time (just remember to ask). If you’ve been having doubts about yourself lately, they are asking you to trust in your abilities and have confidence. It is important to have faith and trust in yourself than any. Keep yourself grounded and focus on your actions. No matter how hard things may seem at this time, don’t be afraid to sail through the challenges, because YOU CAN DO IT! Ask your angels to lift your vibrations, offer you support, encouragement and inspiration, should your confidence waver.


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