Angel Tarot message for April 18, 2015

6 of Wands and Ground yourself

Victory; Good news; Success; Set your eyes on the prize as you are close to winning; Be down-to-earth;


Today’s message brings us news of victory, triumph, achievements and positive outcome. The man in the 6 of wands has fought tough battles and emerged a winner. Your past efforts will be recognised and you will be rewarded. People are on your side and you will receive all the support you need. This card also reminds you to stay focused, as you are very close to reaching the finish line.

Speaking of focus, today’s Angel message directs our attention towards being grounded. If you are feeling confused, spaced out or are finding it hard to concentrate, the Angels ask that you bring back your attention and focus to matters that are important at this time. How to ground yourself? For those of you who are new to the term ‘grounding’, you can do this by practicing grounding meditation, taking a walk barefoot on grass or soil, anchoring your mind in the ‘here and now’ or by simply being close to trees and plants. Consider being down-to-earth in your relationships and approach.


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