Angel Tarot message for 15th April, 2015

Magician and Be yourself

Time to act; Communicate your ideas; Be your authentic self; Your uniqueness is the magical ingredient; Don’t change yourself for others.


While yesterday’s guidance was to take a step back from making decisions and be an observer, the Magician appears today to suggest that it is now time to act. You have all the resources available at your disposal. It depends on how you utilize it. Oftentimes, by failing to act at the right time, we miss out on many key opportunities. The Magician lifts your spirits and is here to encourage you, by asking you to tap into the energy available to you now and get the wheels spinning. Yes, your ideas possess the potential to develop and manifest in a positive direction. A great day to pursue educational, creative and intellectual pursuits.

The Fairies bring you the message of expressing your true self. With the Magician’s energy combined, this is a day to trust in your innate skills and be willing to showcase them, without worrying much about other’s approval. A new beginning awaits and success can be achieved by being your true self and doing things normally the way you do. Your uniqueness is a gift and action is the key ingredient that holds the recipe for success.


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