Tarot Advise – How to mend a broken heart?

I love talking to my cards and they do respond in a pictorial and universal language. Today, I asked a very common question to the cards, that mostly comes from my clients and pulled three cards to see what they advise – How to deal with a heartbreak? This post can also help those of you who wonder how tarot works and can serve as a tool for guidance.

I know this might seem very generic and simple at first, but let’s explore the cards and find out what practical steps they suggest, shall we? Also, I want you to look at the pictures and be receptive to the guidance you receive. Nobody is wrong, nobody is a 100% right. It is what your intuition says it is.

Five of Pentacles, Five of cups, Queen of wands


The first card is showing us a couple, who seem unhappy and in pain (notice the man in crutches and the woman’s despirited and melancholic look on the face). Clearly, something happened that has brought them pain and loss. The way I see it, Yes, indeed, a break up is painful. It has hurt you and like the woman in the picture, you don’t know where you’re heading from here and what is going to happen now. You don’t feel good about anything and it may seem like you’re walking out in the cold, with no help, rescue or shelter. But, you have failed to observe the three coins on the glass stained window on top. Look around! Support and help is available. Whether this is professional, depending on the degree of pain you are experiencing or turning to your family or friends to be there for you. Don’t isolate yourself and carry all that heavy-hearted pain alone. Take a break! Rest. Rejuvenate. Talk to somebody and get help.

The 5 of cups is showing us a man who seemingly looks disappointed over three spilled cups and is turning his back towards two upright cups that stand tall in the background. This card brings to mind words such as greiving, mourning, coping with the loss and taking time to absorb what has happened. Firstly, it is very important to acknowledge and confront this pain. Many of us try to bury this feeling deep down and try to numb ourselves. This is very unhealthy as the pain gets stored away and comes back to bite through various outlets in the future, probably when you are in a new relationship. Acknowledge the loss and accept it. The other red signal here is to understand when it is time to let go. Is the man in the cards so caught up in his grief that he is missing out on opportunities that are available to him? Has he noticed that there are two cups behind him and although, he can’t undo what has happened, is he wasting too much time crying over spilt milk? Be open and let life take it’s course. Embrace what you have today. Value the people who are present in the ‘here and now’. Perhaps, there are opportunities waiting for you that you are ignoring. Stop wasting too much time crying over something that is gone and pick up the pieces and keep moving. You’re gaining nothing by being too stuck on what is gone.

Queen of Wands – Yay, I love this card. This card is more than just a woman sitting on the throne with a black cat. There is so much fire energy, mystery, passion, charisma, attraction in her soul. What message does she hold for this question? Notice her glance is towards the right hand side, which is symbolically indicative of the future. She has her eyes set on the future. We can’t see what it is but she is definitely not sulking and looking back. Embrace the energy of this Queen and re-ignite the passion in your heart. Take good care of your health and self-esteem. Pay attention to your personal grooming. Stop vegging out and look ahead. Doesn’t the future excite you? There is potential for everything. Anything can happen. With the magnetic power of this card, yes, you will attract the right kind of people into your life. The sun will rise again (ah, the beautiful sunflower). But you have to be willing to move in that direction. Dig your wardrobe, put on your best outfit and hit the town. You can’t expect someone new to walk into your life by sitting in front of your television. This need not be a new partner but a bunch of friends or new set of people that you have a lot in common with and then, who knows? Or simply, going on an adventure trip somewhere and following your passion.

So yes, this is how three cards in the tarot can offer so much information, suggest steps and offer guidance into the future. I hope you enjoyed this post. Although this information is rampant on the internet, i hope this was a new experience to view this topic from the lens called tarot. I would love to hear your thoughts. Do share your comments below.

Love and Light,


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