Angel Tarot message for 14th April, 2015

High Priestess & Assertiveness


Stay reserved; Wait and watch; Trust your intuition; learn to say ‘no’; Avoid hasty decisions

Go slow where action and decision making is concerned today. All may not be what it seems and it’s good to have all the information before you proceed. Someone’s not being completely honest. Wait and watch as the answers reveal and more insight is made available in a few days.

Your psychic abilities are enhanced and your intuition is stronger than usual, today. Trust your gut instincts (that faint little inner voice that most of us ignore at times). The answers you seek are all within you. How can you tell which decision is right, if you have conflicting thoughts running in your head? Look for the option that brings you inner peace, involves universal love and just seems like the right thing to do. You can also ask your angels to help you. They’re always willing to.

The fairies are asking you to be more assertive and avoid doing anything out of obligation or against your will. They are asking that you reconsider your choices and say ‘Yes’ only if you want to. Something doesn’t feel right? Are you having a bad feeling about trusting or giving a ‘go ahead’ to something? Stop and take your time before making any move. The world can wait!


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