Angel Tarot message for 13th April, 2015

Ace of Cups and Express your individuality


New beginnings, new relationships, emotional happiness and creative outpour are some of the themes for today.

You receive an offer that brings you joy. Old wounds are healing. The start of a new relationship potential is on the horizon. It is safe for you to open your heart and be open towards receiving this love. Some of you may witness the start of a new project or find a new direction that brings you hope and happiness.

The fairies are advising you to be your authentic self today and to celebrate your uniqueness. It doesn’t matter what others think or what you think others would think about your choices, your appearance, your persona etc You can’t please everyone and being your authentic self will help attract like-minded people in your life. They remind you that you are the perfect creation of God and are awesome just the way you are. Don’t change your true self for others and express your thoughts, opinions and views openly. Trust in your abilities and talents. With the Ace of cups, it is important to let your creativity flow in a new idea or opportunity that presents to you.


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