Angel-Tarot message for 10th April 2015

Knight of Swords & New Home


Such strong energy of movement is felt in both the cards today. The knight is zooming past everything, as if he has decided to not look back and just keeping moving forward and the Fairy message is reassuring that this movement, be it of any nature, will benefit you.

The energy of the day involves sudden changes, taking action (’nuff with the day dreaming) and events that propel you forward. A situation that has been stagnating for a while will change. If you’ve been waiting to hear some news which has taken a long time, today might just bring you the clarity related to the information you’re seeking. Look out for people who suddenly appear out of nowhere, bringing you some news. Impulse is often a very noticeable characteristic of this knight, so also make sure you have all the information you need before you proceed, especially if you’re signing any legal documents or contracts.

The fairy folks are giving you a sign that if you’re thinking of moving houses or moving to a new location, then this is a great idea and you should act upon it. Some of you may have the opportunity to move in with a partner or companion. This message is not just limited to moving houses. Consider what changes are needed in your life. Are you stuck in a difficult situation? Perhaps, a relationship that is abusive and detrimental to your well-being and are wondering whether to stay put or go? Learn to say ‘Enough’ and enter the new doors that await you.


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