Angel-Tarot message for 9th April, 2015

Page of Pentacles & Daughter


Today’s message is pointing your attention towards a few things. Firstly, as you can tell from the image of the fairy card, there is special importance given to children, especially a daughter or a person younger to you, who has a special message and/or holds the resolution to a pressing issue. The focus is on your relationship with your children and vice-versa. Forgiveness maybe the answer in healing a difficult parent-child relationship. If there is a situation that needs healing, then this is the time to nurture your relationship and start afresh. Some of you may also welcome a new member in your family, especially a daughter. Adoption is also highlighted. Positive news of pregnancy is also indicated.

In addition to the above, if you’re considering working closely with children or being part of a profession that involves dealing with girl-related matters, then these messages are reassuring you that your thoughts are in alignment with the divine will. Take this as your green signal.

A new beginning awaits you. You are at the start of a promising venture that, if carefully followed, will bring greater reward in the near future.



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