Tarot-Angel message for 8th April, 2015

Two of Cups & Let go


Today’s message is very clearly asking you to let go of all toxic relationships and associations from your life. You may have been working towards improving a difficult relationship, which has drained you off of your energy. Stop investing your time and efforts in changing people or situations and surrender your challenge to God. There is a cliched saying most of us keep hearing often which really helps – Let go and Let God! This is not just limited to romantic relationships, but could be referring to any relationship where you are having a hard time keeping things together.

If you’re wondering when you will meet that special someone, then take a moment to contemplate if you are open to receiving a new partner in your life. Are you still holding onto past relationship debris? Who do you need to let go? A new door cannot open until all others are closed.

To summarize, don’t fret and frown if things are not going your way. Simply surrender your relationship and partnership challenges to God and your Angels and let them work on how to manifest the best outcome for you.


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